The Basics of Islam: The “Islamophobia” Scam (Video)

Jihad Watch director Robert Spencer explains the “Islamophobia” scam. h/t EuropeNews

5 thoughts on “The Basics of Islam: The “Islamophobia” Scam (Video)

  1. Thank you Robert, I just watched the very truthful explanation of Islamophobia presented by you. Here in St. Augustine, Florida , we are now being tested by the
    Thought Police, I suppose the demonization will come later. An individual purchased the right to display his views about the terror of Islam on a Billboard in the St. Augustine Beach Area, all legal & an admirable way to
    warn others of the horror that is now in St. Augustine. This has led to the owner of the land, who has placed other Billboards requested by individuals. The “hue & cry” of the left has gone out for the head of the individual who purchased the right to display this view. One person, Becky Williams, has collected thousands of names,she says, who wish the Billboard Taken Down. These names are from all over the world, so verification would be difficult, but those who differ with
    Becky will be shown no mercy.

  2. This is a personal msg to Ms. Becky Williams, who has stirred up a hornets’ nest of hatred in St. Augustine, FL. Becky, you are the PERFECT USEFUL IDIOT for these 7th century, pedophile-worshipping muzzlum cretins! Your name speaks loud and clear that you are doubtless an American-born Christian–unless you have mindlessly converted to the “religion of death and blood”! GET A GRIP, BECKY! ISLAM IS EVIL!!! It began as a confused young Arab sought to make a name for himself and set himself up as a SELF-PROCLAIMED prophet! There is NO TRUTH in islam! Mohammed plagiarized and distorted great portions of the Bible when he wrote his BOOK OF LIES–the UNHOLY koran!!!! GET A GRIP!!!! YOU’RE THE FIRST KUFFAR THE MUZZIES WILL COME AFTER WHEN THEY “CONQUER” St. Aug!!!!!

  3. Sent in:

    Jog Benson

    ALLAHU AKBAR!!! Fuck you infidel bitch! And Fuck Britain and your Zionist Denmarkish redneckian ways!!! I will cut all your heads off and shove it up your ass!

    • This ‘Jog Benson’ comment is proof-positive of the kind of mentality that we’re dealing with here. Muzzlum males are taught from their birth that they are superior to all women and all non-muslims! They believe they have the ‘god-given’ right to abuse, rape, murder and terrorize everyone–IT’S WRITTEN RIGHT THERE IN THE KORAN!!! They are ravenous wild beasts with the blackest of black hearts!!!! Just wondering, Becky Williams, HOW DO YOU FEEL NOW–now that you see with your own eyes, just exactly who and what it is that you are defending????? For all we know, his comment is directed at YOU!!!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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