US gov’t tells Burma to end abuses…against Muslim invaders

Taxation for Islamization.

Source: US gov’t agency calls on Myanmar to end abuses against Rohingya Muslims – Breaking News

WASHINGTON – The US government agency charged with monitoring international religious freedoms called on Myanmar’s new government on Thursday to do away with abusive policies against the country’s minority Rohingya Muslims.

The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) praised the government of de facto head of state Aung San Suu Kyi for releasing political prisoners after its November election victory.

But it said Myanmar, which is also known as Burma, needed to act to protect freedom of religion and end discrimination against minorities.

 “One such step is Burma’s government radically changing its abusive policies and practices in Rakhine state, which have harmed members of the ethnic communities who live there, especially Rohingya Muslims,” it said in statement.

It’s not just an unnecessary government agency pushing Islamization, the leadership of the FBI has also been completely dismantled and neutered so they now have their priorities:  FBI top dog: Rise of “Islamophobia” a “concerning issue”. No concern for the Americans being slaughtered by Muslims, and the mass invasion of Muslims and illegal aliens however.

And it all starts at the top, the Dept. of Jihad (DOJ):

The Justice Department said that local authorities and community members across the United States would hold town meeting-style discussions “to address backlash against Muslim, Arab, Sikh and South Asian Americans following the tragic terrorist attacks in Brussels, Paris and San Bernardino.”

For those who might have forgotten, those were attacks by Muslims against innocent non-Muslim civilians that killed hundreds, including Americans, and wounded hundreds more while wreaking havoc in cities across the world.

4 thoughts on “US gov’t tells Burma to end abuses…against Muslim invaders

  1. “Dept. of Jihad”–Oh my God! What a totally revealing ‘commentary’ on our current hopeless gov’t situation! Obama, Barack Hussein, has intimidated and misled our leaders and our people to the chasms of MUZZLUM hell! Our gov’t is way beyond just being infiltrated by the enemy–IT’S RAPIDLY BECOMING THE ENEMY!!!!            

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