Video: European Elites Conspired to Lie about the Islamic Enemy Invasion

Source: European Elites Conspired to Lie about the Islamic Enemy | Islam vs the West | Limits to Growth

It’s hard to figure exactly how Europe became so dangerously insane. Certainly extreme liberalism has created a cascade of bad ideas, like all diversity is wonderful and mistrust of Islam is evil racism (even though a person of any race can be a Muslim).

However European culture went off the tracks, its survival is dangling by a thread now. Elites and the press conspired to welcome a dangerous enemy tribe inside the gates in huge numbers. The crimes committed by the newbie Islamics were willfully covered up, even as public safety has been destroyed in the unopposed hijrah (conquest by immigration). Hundreds of women were attacked in Cologne and beyond on New Years and the latest response from government is to create gender-segregated trains rather than keep out the feral Muslims. Women are warned to stay home after dark, and swimming pools have become dangerous places for both sexes.

Dale Hurd reports on the depth of the cover-up:


3 thoughts on “Video: European Elites Conspired to Lie about the Islamic Enemy Invasion

  1. Wake up people, the Illuminiti is trying to take over the world, and establish their New World Order. In order to destabilize the Goverment, in America, and throughout the World, they create Civil Unrest, often funding both sides of an issue, and inciting riots and wars. They create false flags, by starting an issue, in one part of the Country or World to get people’s attention directed away from something else they are doing, somewhere else that is far more evil.
    In America, as people like the Bilderberg Conferences,Koch brothers and George Soros are fundiing ok and other unrest, and they are funding Candidates in both the Republican and the Democratic parties.
    Communism and Socialism, and a Theocracy are all based on everyone sharing everything, and will never work, because they go against human nature, which it is one group will want more than their share, and another group will want to do less than their share of work. This same principle is destroying Capitalism. The group, that holds the majority of Americans wealth, keeps getting smaller and the group, that has the least wealth, keeps getting larger.
    The Democratic Party is asking people to choose between a Traitor and a Socialist, neither would be good for America. The Republican Party is offering more choices. Trump is a bully that got rich, by making sure that he won, regardless of who got hurt or killed. If elected President, and attacked other world leaders, the way he has attacked other candidates, the media, and anyone that disagrees with him, he would provoke war with our enemies, and maybe our current allies. The problem is that the Republicans have no other strong candidate. I had great hopes that The Tea Party would come up with a strong candidate, but they haven’t.
    America needs a strong President, that will “defend the Constution of The United States of America, against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, anything less would be an insult to America’s founding fathers amd those that have sacrificed so much to preserve our freedom .

  2. Thank God (the True and Living God of the Judeo-Christian Bible–NOT the allah-demon-god of IZZLAM) for Church leaders and Christian broadcasters like Dr. Pat Robertson! This video by CBN needs to be viewed by every Western politician worldwide! MUZZLUMZ are ALL afflicted with a disease called a SUPERIORITY COMPLEX! All muslims are taught this superiority nonsense from their mother’s breasts! That’s why they go about assaulting, raping and murdering innocent Westerners. They, of course, are allah’s chosen ones to correct all the EVILS that non-muzzlumz cause in the world just by BEING BORN NON-MUZZLUM!!! That’s why islam is THE MOST EVIL aberrant doctrine ever taught as a religious philosophy! There are lots of religious sects in the world where people believe ‘theirs is the only true religion’ but ISLAM stands alone as the one and only SELF-PROCLAIMED, MOST ARROGANT judge, jury and EXECUTIONER of innocent people of all time!!!! AND AMERICA IS JUST AS BRAIN-DEAD AS EUROPE!!! Our evil president is hell-bent on trashing our country with millennia of these evil vermin in the few remaining months he has in office!!! God help the USA!!!!!            

  3. The Governments have become the peoples enemy. The leaders are traitors and should be dealt with as an enemy to the people.

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