VIDEO: Muslims in UK demand sharia: “Islam Will Conquer the West”

Source: Pamela Geller

Watch the video. These Muslims make clear their goals. “There is only one Islam. There is no extreme Islam, there is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam.”


Related: Arabic-speaking aid worker warns Britain many migrants have ‘no intention of living under Christian law’ (presumably that’s Western law).



6 thoughts on “VIDEO: Muslims in UK demand sharia: “Islam Will Conquer the West”

  1. Obviously these muzzies have something growing inside their heads that needs to be released and until this happens they will be nothing but trouble.

    • take not the infidels as friends, Allah forbids it. Surah 5:3

      Why are people in denial. I was posting and debating the Quran with Egyptians on a topix. blog.
      They make it very clear they do not want to come here to convert to our ways. But to hang there flag on the white house.
      I knew a wonderful man named Reza Safa who was an ex shia muslim from Iran. He had to leave that country because he converted to Christian faith. In those countries both Sunni and Shia agree on this. Behead them. If your child converts you must turn them over for execution.
      I know the Quran and Hadith very well versed studied it and still no one listens. Foreign Laws not allowed in the courts.
      But that is still an insult to them.

      My question is this. If they are really coming to my country to escape oppression, and persecution. Why do you they want barbaric shariah law to rule the land . Go back to your own country if this is agenda.

      American’s when they wake up will be to late.

      History repeats itself to those who do not learn from the past.. History.. Lean it, before it is to late..

  2. I listened to over 4 minutes of this god-awful diatribe of venom and hatred! That was already TOO MUCH! These loud-mouthed POS are beyond belief! They live in a free society which endorses their right to express themselves as they please, but all they can do is preach VIOLENCE AND HATRED against the very gov’t which protects them–a true refection and representation of their FAUX-PROPHET, mo-hammer-head! Just one thought comes to mind, as I watched these hateful “preachers” mouth-off their disgusting HATE-SPEECH–WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF A TRUE MAN OF THE CLOTH, A MINISTER OF THE GOSPEL, WOULD ATTEMPT TO STAND OUT IN PUBLIC AND PREACH AGAINST THIS KIND OF HATRED AND VIOLENCE??? I think we all know the answer to that question…..

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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