Video: Debunking the “small minority of Muslims” MYTH

Source: Islam and terror: Destroying the “small minority of Muslims” MYTH – The Rebel

Tonight’s program will shatter the “small minority of Muslims” misconception peddled by the mainstream media, Hollywood and the Left in general.

Using hard facts and statistics, we show that the carnage the world has been experiencing at the hands of terrorists is VERY much about Islam, the religion, and that the number of radicals is not a “tiny minority,” as we’re told by the Ben Afflecks of the world.

Truth told, hundreds and hundreds of millions of Muslims, including many in the West, hold radical beliefs. Author Raheel Raza, a practicing Muslim, is honest and open about this on the show.


2 Responses

  1. In the face of Islamic terrorist, their Leftist defenders, namely the Democrats, want to pass laws outlawing defensive weapons. I call this treason!

  2. One only has to read the bio of Muhammad. One chapter that is a need Mecca to Medina. Then you will understand the game of Muslims even today! Muhammad was a marauder,,,

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