Ireland: Students required to study Koran as part of Arabic exam

HolyfookingkoranSource: Concern over requirement to study Koran as part of Leaving Cert Arabic exam

A requirement that all students who sit the Arabic exam in the Leaving Cert must study the Koran is to be reviewed by education authorities.

Ever since the subject was introduced to the Leaving Cert in 2004, extracts from the “Holy Koran” have been prescribed material for all candidates.

However, a Syrian father whose Christian daughter is due to sit the exam says the requirement is unfair for students and discriminatory.

“She, as a Christian, has never studied the Koran,” said Marwan, who asked that his surname not be used.

“I am very distressed that having arrived in Ireland and having been granted refugee status on the basis of the threat to us as Christians we should now be discriminated against in this way.

He added: “Since my daughter’s exam is only weeks away I would respectfully appeal to those in a position to rectify this injustice to do so immediately.”

In a statement, the State body for development subject material, the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA), said the Koran was included on the basis of its linguistic and literary value and not because of its association with religion.

It said the requirement for questions based on the Koran are explicitly stated in the syllabus.

In the Arabic exam, candidates are presented with three texts: an extract from the Koran, a portion of Arabic verse and an extract from a work of modern Arabic prose.

The questions related to the Koran are mandatory for all candidates, while candidates may choose from a portion of verse and modern prose.

The NCCA said the syllabus is being reviewed and this will consider the “range and sources” of prescribed texts.

This includes concerns over the mandatory status of questions relating to Koran.

Eight separate sections of the Koran are identified as prescribed texts in the exam.

One of the sections urges, for example, says followers should “remember Allah’s favour on you when you were enemies of each other” and that “while you were on a brink of a pit of Fire then He delivered from it!.”

It goes on to advise believers to “be not like those who separated, and disagreed after clear evidences had come to them; and these are they that will have a grievous chastisement.”

About 55,000 students sit the Leaving Cert each year, while between 100 and 150 students undertake the Arabic exam.

In common with other minority languages, the proportion of students who receive honours in the exam – about 85 per cent – is particularly high. This, say teachers, is due to the number of students who are native speakers.

Jihad Watch writes of the Koran quote above:

That’s Qur’an 3:103.

It goes on to advise believers to “be not like those who separated, and disagreed after clear evidences had come to them; and these are they that will have a grievous chastisement.”

That’s Qur’an 3:105.

How did this requirement get put in place at all? Probably it was done by Islamic supremacists who were counting on the ignorance and complacency of Irish authorities, and were quite correct in assuming that no one would notice or care. The “Leaving Cert,” or Leaving Certificate Examinations, are the final exams in Ireland’s secondary school system.

8 thoughts on “Ireland: Students required to study Koran as part of Arabic exam

  1. I guess the fascist “educators” want to be sure that their students learn what size of stick to use to beat the women. Evil scum!

  2. islam sucks, period. only way they will accept non-muslims, convert, pay special tax, or agree to be under the rules made by them. you will always be less than them and NO freedoms of any kind. islam is so damned perverted and will eventually IMPLODE, hopefully sooner than later.

  3. Yes, Islam Sucks, but so do our Western Leaders, who
    have Sucked up to Islam since 9/11. If a Christian father in the west, objects to the Islamification of his child, especially a girl, he is instantly placed on an Islamophobic Profile list,& is not allowed to be near or in the school. This did not happen in Ireland, but the USA. This man was a Veteran,who had seen the horrors of Islam, up close.

    • @Berengaria. I certainly hope that the person of whom you are speaking, has not simply allowed himself to be intimidated and ignored! We still DO live in the USA–not the “islamic states of America”! There are non-profit groups who will defend this Christian father–ACLJ (not to be confused with the corrupt ACLU), and Florida Family Assoc. to name a few. It’s HIGH TIME we TRUE AMERICANS face up to these VILE ISLAMISTS!!! ISLAM IS THE PROBLEM–ISLAM IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE–AND ISLAM MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!

  4. A bloody disgrace! But just as in the rest of the western world, the moslem filth are being allowed to impose their religion, halal certification and jizya on to the rest of us, and no one in authority does anything….

    Glad I’m old, for this will not end well.

  5. I’m all for teaching the UN-holy koran! Show it for all it’s worth to be the insane, incoherent, anti-social, vile book of mohammed’s RANTINGS FROM HELL that it is!!! Problem is, these ‘educators’ have an agenda–THEY ARE ISLAMIC BIGOTS and they’re infiltrated by the MB!! They pick and chose the “peaceful texts” while denying completely that there are also ANTI-CHRISTIAN, ANTI-ISRAELI, ANTI-CIVILIZATION texts which run all through the ‘book-of-hatred and blood’! Years ago, when enough Americans got MAD ENOUGH, they outlawed all tobacco commercials from TV. That’s because the commercials only showed the “Hollywood” lifestyle and denied the associated health issues! It’s time to advertise the REAL TRUTH about islam! IT’S A DEATH CULT–SECOND TO NONE!!!!!            

  6. If kids were being taught the bible, studying the “noble” koran wouldn’t be a threat but sadly, your average Irish kid hasn’t a clue about the bible and has a strong bias toward it, you can be sure. Yes, I agree, there is a hidden agenda here. Ireland is a sad victim of political correctness and will do everything it can to seem “progressive” in the eyes of the world. We’re a sad lot if you ask me.

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