State Dept Gives Pakistan Pass on Religious Freedom Violations, Obama Gives Saudi’s a Waiver


Source: State Dept. Gives Pakistan Pass on Religious Freedom Violations–for 14th Straight Year

For a record 14th year in a row, the State Department has overruled the advice of an independent statutory watchdog and decided not to blacklist Pakistan for religious freedom abuses.

The decision not to designate Pakistan a “country of particular concern” under the 1998 International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) comes despite its government’s continuing rejection of calls to amend or rescind the world’s most notorious blasphemy laws – which carry the death penalty and are frequently used to target Christians and other minorities.

It also comes just days after a new U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) report highlighted dozens of instances of intolerance of religious minorities being promoted in public school textbooks in the Islamic country.

The U.S. potentially wields significant leverage over Pakistan. It is the fifth-largest recipient of U.S. foreign assistance, with the administration requesting $742 million in aid for the country in fiscal year 2017.

On its 2016 watch list of the world’s 50 worst persecutors of Christians, the religious freedom advocacy group Open Doors has Pakistan at number six this year – the highest ranking it has reached in the 13 years the annual list has been compiled.

(Other countries on the Open Doors’ top 10 that are not designated CPCs by the State Department are Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia and Libya.)

Ever since that designation in 2004, both the Bush and Obama administrations have waived CPC-related action against Saudi Arabia, despite appeals by the USCIRF.

Kirby confirmed on Friday that Saudi Arabia will once again be subject to a waiver, along with the three Central Asian republics on the blacklist.


3 thoughts on “State Dept Gives Pakistan Pass on Religious Freedom Violations, Obama Gives Saudi’s a Waiver

  1. Pakistan & Soddy Arabia both get passes on their persecution actions against Christians. This was done by BO’s State Dept, but Bush Presidency also allowed the same policy. We are seeing this same kind of pandering to Muslims in US, as a result, many small towns are taken over by these sub-humans, who instantly appear in your local Government. I call this type of terror, the Bush,Clinton,Obama plan. It’s White
    Christian genocide.

  2. karma for the supporters of islam really sucks. bo is a jerk, always has been and will always be a half-kenyan half-wit. tickled me that London told him to mind his own business; just what he deserv es.

    saudi arabia IS THE ENEMY WITHIN OUR BORDERS, they were behind the 9/11 event no matter how much they deny it; they want to take over, bo certainly has helped them along the way.

    saudi should be told to get out of DC, their embassy, and any other places they occupy in our country.

  3. Barack Obama, yet again and on behalf of The USA, is publicly further putting The United States’ stamp of approval on tyranny, oppression, barbarism, torture, repression, and not so subtly, cheering on the advancement of a caliphate intended to bring even more silencing of religious expression in nations where Islam, in its full horror, and sharia law are practiced! Barack Hussein Obama shows the world again and again his deeply-rooted anti-American beliefs, his disdain for his Oath-of-Office of The Presidency of The Republic of The United States of America, and his rejection of Christianity, and other religious practices which are not in accord with Islam! If Obama were ever to be taken before a ‘court of sharia’, he just might gain a glimmer of understanding of the concepts of tolerance, acceptance, inclusion, decency and real Truth; the Truth and Salvation of Jesus Christ!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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