“Safe Pathways”: Newspeak for Muslim Refugee Resettlement in Your Neighborhood

via: WELCOMING AMERICA WATCH–MIDWEST: Safe Pathways: Newspeak for Refugees

We will soon, still be reporting the monthly figures for the official Refugee Resettlement Program; however, it has come to our attention that the UNHCR has issued guidelines for alternative “Safe Pathways” in addition to the regular refugee resettlement system.  This is apparently in response to the recent months’  large Western backlash in response to Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino, etc.

We must refer you to RRW’s recent article “Alternative safe pathways” could bring ten times more Syrians to your towns than first proposed,” and also the recent WND article by Leo Hohmann, “UN’s Secret Plan for 10 Times More Syrian ‘Refugees’.”

The code words “Safe Pathways” are specifically referring to private sponsorship, medical evaluation, extended family member reunification, humanitarian admission, labor mobility schemes and scholarships.

In the future, the refugee resettlement figures for Michigan will be presented with the caveat subject to “Alternative safe pathways.”  Concerned citizens should watch for local private sympathetic business and charitable involvement, such as this in Pontiac, Michigan.

Read the embedded links and contact your local officials and demand that no Syrian refugees invade your town.

Like most, if not all, the Muslim “refugees” before them, they will be long-term dependents of your tax dollars. Even the (shady, Muslim-run) Syrian American Rescue Network admits that:

Hey all
We have 86 Syrian refugee families and a lot more arriving in May IA [inshallah]. As you all know MI transportation system sucks and due to language barrier, it’s almost impossible for these families to get their basic necessities without being dependent. These families have 3 months to settle!!!!!
3 months to learn the language, get a job and be independent which is not possible with transportation

click to enlarge

Taxpayers are funding the Islamization of America.

More on “The Principles of Newspeak” here.

8 thoughts on ““Safe Pathways”: Newspeak for Muslim Refugee Resettlement in Your Neighborhood

    • It’s revolution time. But most Americans are not in tune with that. They are couch-potatoes, PC yes-people, to fall as Zechariah 14 says. America will fall, PERIOD. We just watch and be sure Yeshua, Jesus is in your heart. You witness as the Muslim cuts your throat.

      • “Watch for the homes to be constructed within three to five months, said the investors. ‘We’re getting quotes from builders,’ said Basha….” quoted from the Oakland Press News link, Nov 11, 2015.

        So here’s the thing, these SLEEZY MUZZLUM MOOCHERS are all vying for COLONIZING our communities! They have no interest whatsoever in assimilating into our American culture! It’s all about establishing the UMMAH–cuz, of course their 7th century cultures are FAR SUPERIOR to our 21st century ways! They come here and take our free hand-outs, live in our free housing, insist on revamping our school curricula, demand free legal services and ultimately REPLACE our Constitutional freedoms with Sharia slavery! MUZZLUMZ are all about SUBMISSION–PERIOD–END OF STORY!!!! Their “religion” is nothing but a CULT OF BLOOD FROM HELL masquerading as a pious wonderful loving community of “religious” people. Just one problem with all of that–MOHAMMED WAS DEMON-POSSESSED BY HIS OWN ADMISSION! “Aye, there’s the rub!” (That’s Shakespeare, for any who happen to be uninformed)!!!!! Bottom line–YA CAN’T GET GOOD APPLES FROM A BAD TREE!!!!! IT’S JUST THAT CUT-N-DRIED!!!!!











  1. Safe Pathway, indeed, but for whom? These Rapefugees from Syria are never identified as MUSLIMS, but that’s what they are. Their numerous children will be entering local schools, & that means Muslim adults will be angling for positions on the school board. According to the referred article, the Black & Democrat politicians are spearheading this operation. What this actually means is that The USA will gradually disappear under this ” Safe Pathway”.

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  3. Well, isn’t giving them free cars just so sweet? I know atleast 5 Christian’s that have no car to find work or even be able to go to Doctors appointments or even be able to go to buy groceries. I don’t see anyone giving free cars to American’s so they can take care of the important things in life. What is wrong with these people? Do you think the government is going to stop their state food or money or housing benefits if they can’t get everything done in 3 months? Of course they’re not. The tax payers will have to support them forever. I don’t know who they’re trying to kid but any smart person knows better.

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