France: Marseille synagogue being converted to mosque as Islamization continues


Source: Marseille synagogue to be converted into mosque

Marseille (AFP) – A synagogue in Marseille is to be converted into a mosque, reflecting demographic shifts in the southern French city, a Jewish leader has told AFP.

A Muslim cultural association, Al Badr, is to purchase the Or Thora synagogue, which is used less and less by the Jewish community, the city’s top Jewish leader Zvi Ammar said Tuesday.

“For the past 20 years or so we have seen the shift of the Jewish community to other neighbourhoods,” Ammar said, adding that he viewed the sale “positively”.

“We all have the same God, the main thing is for this to proceed in harmony,” he said.

The site near the city’s main rail station was built as Jews flocked to Marseille from Algeria after the north African country gained independence from France in 1962 following an eight-year war, he noted.

Al Badr currently runs a mosque nearby that is too small for its congregation.

Marseille’s Jewish community is thriving, Ammar said, with the number of synagogues nearly doubling to 58 from 32 over the past three decades.

The city’s 70,000 Jews make up one of France’s — and Europe’s — largest Jewish communities.

Marseille’s population of nearly two million also counts around 220,000 Muslims, of whom 70,000 are practising.

Marseille’s Muslims are still awaiting the construction of a Grand Mosque, but the project promised by the city’s mayor in 2001 is mired in financial woes as well as legal challenges by the far-right National Front.

At an estimated cost of some 23 million euros ($26 million), the mosque would be France’s largest if the project is finally achieved.

Earlier this week the mayor of Nice, just along the French Riviera from Marseille, secured a green light to sue the French state in a bid to block the opening of a Saudi-funded mosque in the city.

Mayor Christian Estrosi has accused the building’s owner, Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Affairs Minister Sheikh Saleh bin Abdulaziz, of “advocating sharia” and wanting to “destroy all of the churches on the Arabian peninsula”.

5 thoughts on “France: Marseille synagogue being converted to mosque as Islamization continues

  1. The reality is the architecture of a synagogue is similar to that of a mosque, with their open space, and such a facility conversion seems natural. Since Islam openly believes that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam share the same God but pursue him on different paths, this transition presents as perfectly natural. And if the synagogue has been abandoned by the Jewish community, proof of which lay in the fact that it was put up for sale, why not continue its use as a house of worship? If the Jewish community feared it would have been used for something other than a house of worship, perhaps it should have torn it down before selling the property. No one balks when a French restaurant is sold and transformed into an Italian pizza joint, what’s the difference here?

  2. @ Bryan Bohn. I generally don’t make comments on foreign issues because I just don’t expect my opinions to matter to non-Americans. On the other hand, I just couldn’t overlook the comment that you made, Bryan, on this issue. Your comment sounds incredibly like Hillary Clinton on her Benghazi fiasco! “What difference does it make?” Here’s the difference…. Mosques are not “houses of worship” in a literal sense! They are arsenals of tyranny and terrorism! Every practicing MUZZLUM who faithfully attends mosque, believes in JIHAD and in SHARIA LAW!!! THAT’S TYRANNY, BLOOD-SHED AND HATRED AGAINST ALL NON-MUSLIMS! You say that Judaism, Christianity and islam all worship the same God–BIG MISTAKE!!! Allah is never mentioned in the Holy Bible–and there are numerous Names given to the Almighty in the Bible! “Allah” is NOT one of them! To be sure, there is no other so-called “religion” on God’s Green Earth which teaches its adherents that ‘in order to guarantee a reward in Paradise, one must shed the blood of a non-believer’! YES–THAT IS ISLAM IN A NUTSHELL–IT’S ALL ABOUT HATRED, BLOODSHED AND BIGOTRY!!!!! THAT’S WHY IT’S A G-DAMNED TRAVESTY ANY TIME A TRUE “HOUSE OF WORSHIP” IS SOLD TO MUZLUMZ AND CONVERTED INTO A MOSQUE!                    

  3. @ rlmyerson – I’m not sure who you are referring to as a non-American. I was born and raised and live and work in the US, am white, and was raised in the Catholic Church; and I’m 50, so I’m not some idealistic teen either. So I’ll exercise my Constitutional rights… When you speak of the hatred written into the Qu’ran, do you mean the part that blesses those who would seize Babylon’s infants and smash their skulls against the rocks? Wait, that’s from a Psalm (137). Or maybe like in the Book of Deuteronomy, where God proclaims “I will make my arrows drunk with blood, and my sword shall devour flesh” (Deut. 32:42). Or where Moses tells his followers that, once they reached Canaan, they must annihilate all the peoples they find in the cities (Deut. 20: 16-18). Or when Joshua conquers the city of Ai and God commands he loot and exterminate the inhabitants, and he does (Joshua 8). Or when Joshua captures the five kings and murders his prisoners of war. (Joshua 10). How about poor Saul? When God orders Saul to strike at the Amalekites, killing every man, woman, and child, and even wiping out their livestock (Samuel 15:2-3). But poor Saul shows mercy and spares some, so the Lord raises David up because David would follow God’s words literally. Are these the lessons of the peaceful religion you speak of?

    Let me point out that God is not someone’s name, like Bob or Mike. He (or She for those that think that way) is known by all sorts of descriptors as well, like ‘the Almighty’, but none are actual names; they’re words that represent Him (or Her), a placeholder because He (or She) is so big and major in our lives that He (or She) transcends having a name. Similarly, Allah is not a name. Technically, it’s the Arabic cognate of the Biblical Aramaic ‘elah’ and Hebrew ‘eloah’, which is the singular of ‘elohim’, a generic word for God. Your Holy Bible does not mention Allah by name? Probably true, but your Bible is likely an English translation, unless you happen to read Hebrew and Aramaic and several other languages. When Moses started writing the first ‘chapter’ of the Bible, he wrote it in his own language – Hebrew. Now imagine you found Moses’s original writings, what Hebrew word might he have used in place of the ‘God’? Past Moses’s writing you find the prophecies of Ezra and Daniel, originally penned in Aramaic. What Aramaic word do you think was used for ‘God’ in the originals of those? Do you see how your simplistic if-it-don’t-say-God-it-ain’t-my-God argument falls apart?

    But this is what your argument is truly about, words. The Qu’ran features words and phrases that frighten you; its believers speak languages that you don’t understand and that frightens you. And the world is a bigger and more complex place than your neighborhood, and that frightens you. So you hide your fear in your witty misspellings, which you likely believe to be funny or cute, or you show feign superiority by trying to bond me to a political candidate you find unfavorable. God’s command in the Qu’ran translates to a simple message, “act justly, and love mercy, and walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8). This is an echo of Jesus’s dying words in the Bible, Father, forgive them: they know not what they do.

    You can stomp your feet and wave your fists all you want, but it is a truism that Muslims believe Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are from the same path and share the same God. And while Muslims don’t believe he is the son of God, they revere Jesus as a prophet. Hopefully, this brings you some comfort, where Jews believed he was a complete charlatan. With that direct link in mind consider the Qu’ran states, “Those who make war against God and his apostle . . . shall be put to death or crucified” (Qu’ran 5.33). This makes it an iniquity to act against other believers of the same God, regardless of the path they have chosen. If you ascribe that the faith of Muslims to their belief system is so great, how could you honestly believe so many followers could contradict the word of God?

    The truth is they don’t. Yes, there are some who do, but they don’t represent true Islam, despite your wanting that to be the case so bad. Just like the Lebanese Maronite Christians who slaughtered innocent Palestinian refugees in the Karantina, Sabra, and Shatila massacres in the 1980s – who don’t represent all Christians. Or like white American Timothy McVeigh, who didn’t represent all of the other white Americans he killed in Oklahoma City. Further, true Muslims might argue that the angle of that minority’s zealousness means they have lost their path to God, making them, in essence, no longer Muslims. Your enemy is a small minority that employs the name of God (whatever language is used to describe Him or Her) to its own advantage, not an easily identifiable mass. Its name is not Islam, even if it shields itself as such. I know that only makes your fear greater, given the uncertainty of who those enemies may be, where they may be lurking; but perhaps you should focus on the good in this world and what you actually know for certain rather than that which you do not or know so little about.

    We (the US) interred Japanese citizens during WWII out of fear of the ‘other’. Did we inter or cast out all of the citizenry descended from our larger Euro-enemies, Germany and Italy? After all, German and Italian immigrants believed the same as homeland Germans and Italians, right? I mean, you could tell just by looking at them, right? I think you know that, no, we didn’t inter or deport the millions of German and Italian immigrants and, LO!, the USA still stands (though you may view brats or pizza as part of some sort of domination plot). But the bigger question is why ‘we’ didn’t do this, because the Germans and Italians looked more like ‘us’? So eschew this notion you have that people immigrate to spread the depravity they immigrate from; they immigrate for a new life, to escape the conditions they had in the past. The melting pot aspect of America is an attractor to immigrants, not a target. And remember, unless you’re Native American you’re an immigrant or descended from one; and that among the slaves brought to the 13 colonies by our fellow immigrants were Muslim slaves. It is highly likely some of those Muslim slaves gained their freedom by fighting and dying in the American Revolutionary War for your eventual freedom.

    You have an image of Muslims, they are different from you. They have darker skin and different facial features than you, they speak languages unfamiliar to your ear, their food doesn’t look or smell like a cheeseburger, and they wear clothing that looks like pajamas to you. But other than the obvious you and your friends can poke fun at, you really have no knowledge about them other than your own base fear of the unfamiliar. You have likely never held a meaningful conversation with a Muslim, broken bread with one, your town may not even have a Muslim family that you know of. But if you did try to have a meaningful conversation, despite the differences of worship, you would find out that they have the same ambitions and aspirations that you do, a good life for themselves and their families. That may freak you out, that you share something with them, but if you exercise the compassion taught in both the Bible and the Qu’ran you will overcome your fear.

  4. @ Bryan Bohn. To be sure, Bryan, you’re not as brilliant as you might think… First of all, my reference to “non-Americans” had nothing to do with you, or the horse you rode in on–it’s about the subject content of this CS post, i.e., a FRENCH synagogue! I don’t make any assumptions to know anything about the French, and I highly suspect they wouldn’t have any interest in discussing their controversial issues with me! OK??? It just so happens that we Americans have plenty of dirty laundry of our own! Ok????? Now as for the Names for God, i.e., common Biblical identities attributed to God, the Creator–Elohim and allah (intentionally lower-case) AIN’T THE SAME!!! So you can beat that horse to a bloody pulp if you like, God never referred to Himself as ‘allah’ nor anything close to it–and ‘allah’ most definitely IS the NAME that Islam attributes to its deity–FALSE god, though he may be!   You suggest that God (Jehovah, YAHWEH, YHWH) was unjust to command the Old Testament patriarchs to utterly obliterate certain ancient ‘civilizations’ from the Earth. Is that also how you see the Great Deluge during Noah’s time–assuming that you believe it actually happened??? You give the impression of having done due diligence regarding Biblical (and/ or otherwise) ancient texts. Good for you and hoopty-do!!! So does all your book-learnin’ cause you to “Fear the Lord, thy God”, or are you TOTALLY SMARTER than Him and the horse He rode in on????? Just FYI, may I suggest to you that those ‘ancient civilizations’ to whom you think God was so inequitable were under GOD’S judgment for the atrocities and vile activities they had performed against humanity and against God Himself! You think you could have done a BETTER JOB?????   Now as for an explanation for Japanese internment camps, I’d say that’s not so hard to figure out. Would you, a Japanese-American citizen have preferred that every white American red-neck thug had declared you as FAIR GAME, simply because you LOOKED like the enemy???? AND DON’T TELL ME THAT WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED!!!!! IT WAS FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION, SHERLOCK!!!!! Well then you say, but, but, but, there should have been German internment camps and Italian internment camps TOO! Hmmm…. seems to me that most likely would have placed everybody in the whole USA in internment camps, with the obvious exception of Blacks and Native Americans–but wait, Native Americans could possibly be mistaken for Japanese too, seeing how they likewise have distinctively Oriental features….oh my, oh my!!!   So back to the French synagogue–I’ll grant you it would have been far better, in my opinion, to have destroyed it if there were any opposition to selling it to Muslims. Apparently there was no such opposition and, according to your way of thinking, that was a ‘good’ thing! There’s a old Biblical text that speaks to that too–‘the love of money is the root of all evil’!!!! Yeah, that’s really the bottom line to this story, isn’t it? Oh, and by the way, King Saul didn’t save the life of old King Agag because he was so humanitarian and noble-minded–it’s because he thought he knew MORE THAN GOD–just like you!!!!!                

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