An Oral History of the Muslim Brotherhood in America, in Their Own Words

Source: Center for Security Policy | BOOK RELEASE: Ikhwan in America: An Oral History of the Muslim Brotherhood in Their Own Words

(Washington, D.C.): The Center for Security Policy is proud to announce the second release in its Archival Series, Ikhwan in America: An Oral History of the Muslim Brotherhood in their Own Words.

Like the first volume in this series, The Explanatory Memorandum: From the Archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in America, this new volume provides context for the needed, far deeper understanding of the true nature of the Muslim Brotherhood (known as the Ikhwan in Arabic). It does so by making accessible an original source document – along with an evaluation of its ideological, historical and organizational significance to equip our countrymen and women, and their elected representatives, to make informed decisions about one of the most serious threats facing our country: the Islamic supremacist enemies within.

“Ikhwan in America” was the title given an early 1980s lecture about the Muslim Brotherhood by a man who was at the time one of the organization’s most prominent leaders: the chief masul (“guide”) of its executive office, Zaid Naman (a.k.a. Zeid Noman). The audience were participants in a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood camp in Missouri.

The Center for Security Policy is proud to present this monograph as the latest in its Muslim Brotherhood Archival Series. Ikhwan in America is available for purchase in Kindle and paperback format at As with this Archive Series’ Explanatory Memorandum, this one can also be downloaded for free at

A PDF of the newly released monograph is embedded here:



6 thoughts on “An Oral History of the Muslim Brotherhood in America, in Their Own Words

  1. If all freedom loving citizens who have children in public education system would come together and contact their dept of education superintendents with signed petitions declairing that they want their children praying the “Lords Prayer” and scripture reading from the Bible every morning before classes start. This would undo everything that the elitist started in 1963 by removing anything to do with GOD and has turned our schools into war-zones! If you have any doubts read Mark 10:14 and Matt. 18:18-20 and this will give you a fresh revelation of how GOD works. It’s up tp parents to take a stand now and ask their church to help bring parents together even if you have to go door to door. GOD will do the rest if you are willing!
    GOD save the USA!

    • But all children in public schools are not Christian, so that wouldn’t be fair, eh? And then there’s the whole separation of church and state thing, with public schools being state institutions funded by tax dollars paid by people of all and no faiths, requiring equal air time for each of the represented faiths, which would end up leaving minimal time for actual learning. Remember that schools, while locally controlled, receive Federal funding and must adhere to Federal law and standards. Why not just send your kids to a church school where you can bully the administration into doing whatever you want?

      • @creepingstupidity. Well, I guess we all know which side of the “sharia” issue that you’re on–certainly not on the side of defending our Constitutional rights! How old are you? Let me guess–between 18 and 22! And did your pot-smokin’ ‘colleege’ professors also teach you that Christians are the real ‘terrorists’ and that the Crusades were evil wars fought against poor defenseless pious muzzlumz? Well here’s a thought…. I’m not of your generation! I grew up during the time when we really did read the Bible and say the Lord’s Prayer every morning before school began. And guess what, “stupidity”, we never once had school shootings or bloody massacres back in ‘the day’–not even threats of such insanity! Geez, were we really that naïve as to think that there really were ABSOLUTES like the Ten Commandments and The Golden Rule??? I guess it really is true of this generation–“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”

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