Colorado: Federal jury rules against Muslim workers who sued airport company

via Federal jury in Denver rules against Muslim workers who sued employer – Denver Post  h/t: Islamist Watch

A federal jury Thursday rejected claims by Muslim women that they were discriminated against for clothing required of them by their faith — including head scarves — by a ground services company at Denver International Airport.

The eight jurors also ruled, after almost three weeks of trial, that JetStream Ground Services did not deny the women accommodations because of their religion or retaliate against them.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued the company in 2013 claiming JetStream violated the civil rights of the Muslim women by refusing to hire them or firing them or reducing their hours if they were religiously observant.

JetStream offers ground services for airlines including cargo, freight, mail handling, aircraft maintenance and cabin cleaning.

The EEOC suit sought back pay and compensatory damages for plaintiffs Safia Abdulle Ali, Sahra Bashi Abdirahman, Hana Bokku, Sadiyo Hassan Jama and Amino Warsame.

The case was heard in U.S. District Court in Denver.

JetStream attorney Raymond Deeny said in court the company does not discriminate against women but had to lay off numerous employees when the company lost a contract with DIA.

Diane King, one of the lawyers representing the women, told jurors during the trial that it was up to them to send Jetstream a message to obey the law.

Andrew Volin, another attorney on the JetStream team of representation, said the company’s owners — who were in court Thursday — had no comment on the jury’s decision.

An attorney for the women who sued JetStream also declined to speak about the verdict and said they were exploring their appellate options.


Muslim prayer room at Denver Airport separate from room for Christians and Jews


14 thoughts on “Colorado: Federal jury rules against Muslim workers who sued airport company

  1. As usual, the lyin’ muzzie bastards have to resort to LIES AND DISTORTIONS in order to steal from their employers! Hey makes sense to me… why go to work when ya can just GO TO COURT and have the gov’t even give you the legal aid you need to fight your case??? TRUTH BE TOLD–there’s no religious mandate in all the koran which teaches that women must wear the hijab or any head scarves! They are simply advised to dress modestly! The hijab and niqab are nothing more than SMELLY 7th century desert dresses worn by Arabs before the invention of the SEWING MACHINE AND BEFORE THERE WAS HOT RUNNING WATER TO WASH THEIR CLOTHES!!!!!              

  2. Problems such as this can easily be eliminated by the use of a simple medical procedure that would totally eliminate muzzie head scarves. The procedure would be a headectomy.

  3. Just any FYI, as was recently pointed out in another post – -the head scarf is NOT a requirement by islam; it’s only a requirement by these obnoxious witches who refuse to assimilate to American law, or custom. If they don’t like it, they can always go back to their original sand dune!

  4. Excellent precedent for future cases in which COLONISTS insist on their superiority over NATIVES.

  5. Actually, modesty in dress is a part of the Qu’ran (BTW, there are two books to Islam, the Qu’ran and the Hadith) and the practice has become culturally embedded in many of the national cultures where Islam is popular. Please get your facts straight if you’re going to profess knowledge of something.

    And if the head scarf is a sign of Mulsim-ness, than a vast majority of Americans are Muslims, considering the popularity of head scarves for women in all of western culture well before WWII through the early 70s. My mother and both grandmothers, all of whom were American and Catholic, wore head scarves as long as I can remember. For more practical reasons granted, but no one complained back then.

    • I well remember the headscarves of the fifties and forward. THEY DID NOT COVER THE FACE and were never a bone of contention when asked to be removed. Get your facts straight.

      • @BB. Yeah, I don’t suppose it has occurred to you that only a real AIRHEAD would defend these LYIN’ MUZZIE EXTORTIONISTS??!! Huh????

        • My answer pointed out that, although headscarves were a fashion then, the face was not covered and they were removed when asked. Please don’t read your prejudice into my comment

          • @David Rasch. Please note, my comment was directed at “BB”, above, not at you, even though it may have incorrectly posted under your comment. I regret that sometimes I run into a snag trying to post my comments in the correct spot. That’s why I always designate TO WHOM my comments are directed by using the “@” sign.   @elizabeth. Also, I can see that you are by no means a “muzzrat”. Apologies are in order, my bad!!!!              

          • Please also accept my apologies also. We’re on the same side here.


    • The Islamic Trilogy comprises the Koran, the Sira, and the Hadith. Study all of them carefully. Bill Warner’s Center for the Study of Political Islam has excellent summary/digests of all of these important books as well as unabridged versions.

      • @e lizabeth. Huh??? Whaaa??? “Islamic Trilogy”, ” Study all of them carefully”, “important books”!!!!! ARE YOU A MUZZRAT????? What the hell–it don’t take a DOCTORATE in MUZZRAT-OLOGY to see that mo-ham-head was a DEMAGOG and a DEVIL–AND SO ARE ALL OF HIS SUPPORTERS AND DEVOTEES!!!! Like ahhh, I forced myself to read (on-line) 20 minutes of the first chapter (sura) of the koran (intentional lower-case)…. THAT CRAP COULD LITERALLY GAG A MAGGOT!!!!! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME–“Study all of them carefully”???!!! Ahemm…I’d say you need a real brain-transplant, if you ask me….probably ’cause you’ve had your head in mo’s axx far longer than you can remember!!!!! So defend yourself! What the hell do you mean, “Study all of them carefully”????              

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