California: Muslim freeloaders refuse to leave cafe, wage legal jihad when kicked out

Source: Urth Caffe disputes claims of Muslim discrimination |

In the video, a woman claims she and her friends were asked to leave the Urth Caffe in Laguna Beach for being Muslim.

But the owner of the restaurant said the woman’s claims are not true.

Sara Farsahk, the woman who posted the video on Facebook, claimed she and her Muslim friends were the victims of discrimination at Urth Caffe.

She explained that they were asked to leave after 45 minutes, to free up a table for customers ordering at the counter.

In the video, the women can be heard stating there are empty tables in the restaurant. When they wouldn’t leave, the manager called police.

The video has been viewed more than 200,000 times.

ABC7 reached out to Urth Caffe, which said it does have a policy that patrons must give up or share their table after 45 minutes when it’s busy.

The owner, Shallom Berkman, said there were people waiting in line that evening.

“Everybody wants an outside seat. We have this policy to make things fair and accommodate everyone who wants to enjoy Urth Cafe,” Berkman said.

But to make things clear, Berkman stated the women were not asked to leave because they are Muslim.

“My wife is Muslim and I’m Jewish. We like to say we’re a sign of world peace,” Berkman said.

But the outrage generated by Farsakh’s Facebook post prompted Yelp to block anyone from reviewing Urth Caffe so that people wouldn’t post their views on the news story.

Berkman said he’d like to offer Farsakh a meal on the house.

“We’re very sorry that she has this feeling that this was something racist, but that is just not the case,” Berkman said.

Farsakh did not want to comment on camera for ABC7’s story. She met with the Council on American Islamic Relations on Monday and they planned to issue a statement on her behalf Tuesday morning.

Terror group CAIR must have told the hijabi’s to wage jihad against the cafe…legal jihad. The plaintiffs did not say how much they are seeking in damages, but it could be millions.

6 thoughts on “California: Muslim freeloaders refuse to leave cafe, wage legal jihad when kicked out

  1. It’s CA so the stupid idiots there will probably file her lawsuit. I would tell CAIR to kiss my ass and file against them for trying to file a false lawsuit against the eatery!!! Then DEPORT that muslim and her friends who want to do Jihad in America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is a form of approved low impact jihad. If you can’t kill, annoy. Force kuffar to spend money and time uselessly.

  3. This is a no brainer. Why wait 45 minutes to make someone leave if the reason is they are muslim. If the restaurant didn’t want to serve muslims they wouldn’t have been seated & served in the first place. These people are so repulsively obnoxious that they expect the rules don’t apply to them They want special treatment and then cry foul when asked to play by the rules. This is a ploy to extort money from the restaurant and any other entity they can drag into a discrimination lawsuit.

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  5. So what the hell were they doing eating at a Jewish Deli??? Isn’t that a capital offense to a MUZZRAT????

  6. Hey sister bagheads, let’s go to that Jewish deli have a coffee and just sit there until they ask us to leave because they are so busy. Then we can shout islamophobia and get cair involved – we’ll be famous and suck a lot of money from that Jew bast*rd.

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