Candidate says the “Islamisation of Australia” must stop


Source: Hanson says the “Islamisation of Australia” must stop | Queensland Times  h/t Islamist Watch

PAULINE Hanson is preparing an assault on seats across the region at the upcoming federal election.

Ms Hanson’s One Nation Party will field candidates in the federal seats of Blair, Oxley and Wright – seats which could ultimately decide the election.

Australians will head to the polls for a double dissolution election on July 2.

Former Australian Federal Police officer Troy Aggett will contest the seat of Blair while small business owner Rod Smith will contest Wright.

One Nation’s candidate for Oxley, Brad Trussell, will be formally announced tomorrow.

Ms Hanson said one of the key issues her candidates would be campaigning on was immigration – especially surrounding of what she claims is the “Islamisation of Australia”.

She said she would like to see Australia adopt a similar policy to that of US presidential candidate Donald Trump who said if elected he would ban all Muslims from entering the country.

“Muslims who come here have no intention of assimilating into our society,” she said.

“They pose a very real risk to our way of life and the Islamisation of our country needs to stop.

“We have to face facts . . . we cannot keep our heads in the sand over this issue any more.

“Our politicians, of all persuasion, are not doing enough to address this issue.

“It is only through the excellent work of our security forces and police that we have not seen a Islamic terrorist attack in this nation.

“Only last week we saw a Muslim teen arrested for planning an attack on Anzac Day.

“People have to decide where their loyalties lie, they are either with Australia or against Australia.”

Ms Hanson, who is hoping to secure a Queensland Senate seat at the federal election, said it was time to put Australians first.

She said the nation’s current immigration policies are broken and needed a massive overhaul.

“We have the right to be selective on who enters this country,” she said.

“These people are not fleeing for their lives . . . they are fleeing because they just want the good life.

“We know 85% of them that come here remain unemployed for about five years and who do you think foots that bill . . . Australian taxpayers.

“These people are a drain on our society.

“Our elected representatives need to start putting Australians first.”

Australia has been under Islamic siege for some time, 100 years of jihad against Australia.

It’s also unclear why Hanson stated there hasn’t been a terror attack in Australia yet, considering Australia: Muslim immigrant assassinates cop, Prime Minister immediately defends Islam and this Muslim takes hostages in Sydney cafe, forces to hold Islamic flag in window. Maybe she meant a coordinated, 9/11-scale jihad attack.

Read the Creeping Sharia archive on Australia – full of sharia and jihad wrought by followers of Islam.

2 thoughts on “Candidate says the “Islamisation of Australia” must stop

  1. This has been an extremely well planned take over of the world beginning many years ago when Qaddafi stated” we do not need to wage war, we will make babies”….. I was shopping yesterday in Florida and saw many scarved women who do not assimilate, frown upon all who do not look like them and do not want to be apart of our society. WAKE UP AMERICAN, look at Dearborn Michigan.

  2. It is clear, as plainly illustrated by the muslima (pictured above), that these islamic MOOCHERS AND VERMIN are training and grooming their offspring TO HATE from the very moment of CONCEPTION!!! GOD BLESS PAULINE HANSON!!! GOD BLESS PAULINE HANSON!!!!!          

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