Dearborn’s strip clubs: T&A and ‘halal’ food

Sounds like a green light for the Oklahoma City Thunder when they are in town. Here’s the money quote from the article: 

“a testament to the tolerance of Arab Americans and the absurdity of the claim that Sharia law exists in Dearborn.”

via: Dearborn’s strip clubs: an ironic presence in a ‘halal’ community H/t Dee

DEARBORN — The city is the capital of Arab America, but it is also home to several venues that feature topless dancers.

Inside Dearborn’s strip clubs, among the loud party music, dim lighting and topless dancers, Arab American customers and entertainers can be seen reveling in the erotic atmosphere, even while eating halal food.

The relationship between these clubs and the Arab American population is complex. While some people consider such establishment sinful and harmful to the city, many appreciate their entertainment value.

For their safety and privacy, the names of all club patrons interviewed below have been changed at their request.

Let us repeat, “a testament to the tolerance of Arab Americans and the absurdity of the claim that Sharia law exists in Dearborn.”

Kareem, a local businessman, said he regularly visits strip clubs because they’re places he can go with the intention of only looking at women in a sexual manner and which they permit.

“I feel it’s an appropriate place for someone to see this form of erotic art without any guilt,” he said.

He said he is always in fear of being discovered at one of the clubs. Before taking a seat at the club, he said he and his friends scan the place for anyone they might know, as he said it is highly shameful for Arabs to be seen in such places.

Why is he in fear…there’s no sharia here…that would be absurd.

Kareem said local strip clubs thrive from an Arab customer base, because he knows many in the community who enjoy going there – a testament to the tolerance of Arab Americans and the absurdity of the claim that Sharia law exists in Dearborn.

For many, Kareem said, these clubs offers an avenue for them to satisfy their sexual desires without the social hassles and complications of building a relationship.

He pointed out that despite a taboo on viewing pornography, the Arab world has a one of the highest rates of pornography related searches in the world, according to Google Trends data.

Likewise, “there is a duality on sexual desire in the community,” Kareem said. “Publically, we denounce strip clubs, but we make these clubs thrive.”

Sarah, a local college student, said although it is a contradiction in Islam, she and her female friends regularly visit strip clubs.

“We tend to drink, eat, just have a little fun and talk to each other and just to be entertained,” Sarah said.

She said she does not view topless performers as disgraceful, but as women who are trying to put food on the table and pay for their college tuitions.

“Some people think its degrading that they’re going up there and dancing like that, but for me it’s kind of empowering in a way,” she added.

Sarah said she has even bought a few private dances with the performers and one of them turned out to be a Muslim.

When Sarah asked her what her parents would do if they knew of her profession, the dancer replied, ” ‘it’s haram. They would kill us,'” Sarah said.

It bears repeating, this is “a testament to the tolerance of Arab Americans and the absurdity of the claim that Sharia law exists in Dearborn.”

Apparently the Arabs are tolerant…unless they are also Muslim. Then they stick to the sharia.

2 thoughts on “Dearborn’s strip clubs: T&A and ‘halal’ food

  1. Why is everyone surprised to see the Followers of Islam having strip clubs and sharmoota houses.

    Islamic doctrine has a concept called temporary marriage or Mutah. This is just another name for prostitution. Temporary marriages Sunni’s say is a Shia practice but I can assure you they are not telling the full truth because Mohammad allowed his fighters to have ‘temporary marriages’ while away on campaigns or extended trading trips.

    If Mohammad practiced Mutah or temporary marriages then its ok for all Muslim men to do the same. FYI – Polygamy and philandering is not the best path for a stable loving household.

    Essentially Mutah its nothing more than Mohammad sanctioned cheating on your spouse(s). Women however, are forbidden to see other men outside the house or they will be stoned to death, banished, beaten, or worse.

    Islamists in the West may talk a good game but once you look under the hood there is a lot wrong with the engine.

    Thank you.

  2. Anyone who believes that practicing muslims (males in particular) are actually proponents of Holy Matrimony and fidelity should have a lobotomy! MUZZLUM males who practice izzlam are the SCUM OF THE EARTH–PERIOD–‘NUFF SAID!!!!! They all believe that women are their slaves and that they (the males) can do no wrong!!!              

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