Trump: Muslim Migration “Destroying Europe, I’m Not Gonna Let that Happen to the US”

This is common sense – it’s a one issue election for the survival of the U.S.

via Trump: Muslim Migration “Destroying Europe, I’m Not Gonna Let that Happen to the U.S.”

Fresh off his massive victory in Indiana, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump told MSNBC’s Morning Joe earlier today that he would stick by his controversial policy on Muslim immigration because the migrant crisis is “destroying Europe”.

Trump’s proposal to place a temporary halt on Muslim immigration to the United States was perhaps his most incendiary of the campaign, but the New York billionaire shows no signs of walking it back.

Asked if he still believed “Muslims should be banned from entering the country until we can figure out what’s going on,” Trump said that he didn’t care if the policy hurt his chances in a general election.

“Look at what’s happening. It’s terrible what they have done to some of these countries of they are going to destroy — they are destroying Europe. I’m not going to let that happen to the United States,” said Trump, chiding Obama for refusing to even use the term “radical Islamic terrorism”.

“We have to be careful. We’re allowing thousands of people to come into our country, thousands and thousands of people being placed all over the country that frankly nobody knows who they are. They don’t have documentation in many cases. In most cases. We don’t know what we’re doing. Let’s see what happens. This could be a very serious problem for the future,” added Trump.

Despite facing a substantial media backlash after he made the comments in December last year, polls taken immediately after the remarks showed that a majority of Americans supported a temporary ban on Muslim immigration.

At the time, the Obama White House said Trump’s stance on the issue disqualified him from becoming president, but after the attacks in Brussels and with the inevitability of more Islamist terror on the horizon, Trump’s position could end up being a rallying point rather than a hindrance in his bid to take the Oval Office.

More via: Trump doubles down on call to slow Muslim immigration

“I don’t care if it hurts me,” he said. “I’m doing the right thing when I do this. And whether it’s Muslim or whether it’s something else, I mean, I have to do the right thing and that’s the way I’ve been guided. And I’ve been guided by common sense, by what’s right.”

He referenced the mass immigration from Muslim-dominated countries that’s hit hard at Europe.

And he went on: “Look at what’s happening. It’s terrible what they have done to some of these countries … They are destroying Europe. I’m not going to let that happen to the United States.”

Trump then derided President Obama for his refusal to even use the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism,” and said under his watch – under a Trump presidency – “common sense” would prevail.

His comments came shortly after former Indiana Hoosiers basketball coach Bobby Knight, who endorsed Trump for the election, tossed off a reporter’s questions about personal concerns over his presidential pick’s views of Muslim immigration.

CNN’s John Berman asked Knight, during a Wednesday interview: “Donald Trump has made a lot of controversial proposals, a lot of controversial statements. Among other things, he says he wants to temporarily ban Muslims from coming into the United States. Does that concern you? … Banning Muslims, a lot of people think banning Muslims from coming to the United States is controversial, or it’s un-American to prevent people from coming to the United States based on religion.”

And Knight’s reply: “Well, that’s OK. That doesn’t really mean anything to me right now. We’re talking about a guy that I think can handle things far better than anything that we’ve had recently.”

Meanwhile, Socialist Bernie Sanders: I’ll do all I can to stop Trump’s ‘absurd, hateful’ Muslim ban


8 thoughts on “Trump: Muslim Migration “Destroying Europe, I’m Not Gonna Let that Happen to the US”

  1. Moslems are COLONIZERS not immigrants. There is no separation between religion and government. Religion always prevails. Name a country moslems helped/guided into a prosperous future.

  2. Trump is a con man who has always said and done what’s best for Trump. He has no idea what our Constitution says nor what’s in it – even to this day.
    Just because a narcissist demagogue sings your song well doesn’t mean the SOB is going to live up to one single thing he said and his 5 decade Liberal record proves that.
    Don’t be (or wake up from) a gullible idiot. Trump is only in this race for the power he couldn’t buy from Liberal and RINO scum.

    • If proper vetting and following existing laws already on the books isn’t constitutional I don’t know what is, it doesn’t say anywhere the president has to be a constitutional scholar … The laws exist already to allow for this

    • @ ChipsShot. Well, well, well! Hey, I’ll give you one thing for sure, YOU SURE PICKED THE CORRECT BLOGNAME, “CheapShot”! What you don’t seem to get is that Donald Trump already has ALL the POWER he needs! Only a real fool would open himself up to such ridicule if all he wanted was to make a NAME FOR HIMSELF!! I’ll bet you any money that you voted for OMUZZLAMA, twice! Didn’t you??? Talk about a gullible IDIOT!!!!!              

  3. Trump is right, these Muslims have no right to come
    to the US, most just want the freebies handed out by
    BO. The word “reinforcements” reflects the real reason
    that BO wants them in our country. He can call them out on the American People within a few minutes from
    The YUGE megamosques that are, under Saudi money, sprouting like mushrooms. VOTE TRUMP AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT, IT DOES!

  4. The “muslim” man in the YouTube video above raises more questions in my mind than answers. Does he also support the dominance of Sharia law over the US Constitution, AS MOST “MOOSLEMS” DO? Does he regularly attend mosque or is he a “MOOSLEM” IN NAME ONLY???? It makes no sense to call yourself a MUZZLUM if you don’t support the teachings of the koran, which clearly support the ANNIHILATION of all infidels and kafirs! Suggestion–GET THE HELL OUTTA DODGE!!!! STOP CALLING YOURSELF A “MOOSLEM”, and maybe I’ll believe you REALLY DO support Donald Trump!!!!!          

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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