Minnesota: Fired Muslim assembly line workers file lawsuit after ignoring break policy

Now they are waging legal jihad.

h/t Refugee Resettlement Watch who writes:

For the life of me, I don’t know why these manufacturers keep doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome—hire Muslims then end up in legal hot water over prayer break times.And, if you don’t know what this is….this is creeping shariah!

Bam. Source: Fired Muslim workers claim discrimination at plant in Owatonna – StarTribune.com

Nearly two dozen Muslim Somali-Americans are filing discrimination charges with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity against hardware maker AmesburyTruth and Doherty Staffing Solutions.

The fired workers said they were denied a place to pray at an Owatonna, Minn., manufacturing plant and lost their jobs for trying to practice their religion.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is leading the effort on behalf of 21 former workers who were terminated in May and June 2015.

[CAIR has been named a terrorist organization by the UAE, part of HAMAS by a federal judge, and banned by the FBI.]

The employees were told that if they could not comply with the plant’s break schedule or could not wait until their shifts were over to pray, they could not continue working, according to the council, which goes by the acronym CAIR-MN and is a member of the nation’s largest Islamic civil liberties advocacy group.

A number of workers were told to go home and wait for the company to make accommodations but were never called back to work, according to CAIR-MN. Some employees were fired for “violating the bathroom policy” by spilling water on the floor.

AmesburyTruth is headquartered in Edina and makes hardware for doors and windows, weatherstrips and extrusions. The company has about 2,000 employees at 11 locations around the country.

The Owatonna plant employs about 800 workers and specializes in making windows, hinges, locks and other hardware used in casement windows.

Kevin Anez, marketing director for AmesburyTruth, declined to comment on the case because it was a pending legal matter, but issued a statement saying the company did nothing wrong.

“AmesburyTruth complies with all local, state and federal workplace laws. We adamantly deny any wrongdoing related to the pending EEOC charge.”

Representatives from Doherty Staffing, an Edina employment firm that placed some of the former workers, did not return requests for comment.

Under the law, both would be responsible for the working conditions.

CAIR-MN’s civil rights director Amarita Singh underscored that Muslim employees have the constitutional right to have employers accommodate their religious practices.

“These employees were working on an assembly line in a manufacturing plant,” Singh said. “They wanted to pray, and the company said they were not able to accommodate them because if they step away they can’t keep the production line going.”

More via: FFA – CAIR demands that Truth Hardware allow for special Muslim prayer times in the workplace.

Click here to send your email to encourage Truth Hardware to stand by their decision and not surrender to demands for special Muslim prayer times in the workplace.

Obama is bringing Muslims by the tens of thousands to the U.S. In your towns and businesses they will pull this same Islamic supremacist tactics forcing you to build mini-mosques in your businesses, allow sharia breaks, serve halal food and have non-Muslims pick up the slack. And if you don’t comply with their sharia demands, they will hire foreign-funded terror front groups like CAIR to wage legal jihad against you. Either way you lose.

Stopping Muslim immigration is critical to the survival of America. Your children and theirs will thank you.



5 thoughts on “Minnesota: Fired Muslim assembly line workers file lawsuit after ignoring break policy

  1. Wake up America. What other country do we impose them for our own perceived ideas or our religion and laws. We live according to the laws where we live. You don’t like it move!!!!!!!

  2. Just FYI, all muslim “prayers” are geared against non-muslims, i.e., kaffirs! These “prayers” are no more and no less than HATE SPEECH to condemn, intimidate and subjugate ALL people and cultures under a world-wide islamic caliphate! Muslims absolutely dwell in a ‘parallel’ universe where they are IN CHARGE and muslim men can do no wrong! The Christian concepts of Prayers of Repentance and Brotherly Love DO NOT EXIST in the islamic mind! Prayer, to a muslim means CURSING THE KAFFIRS, INTIMIDATING WOMEN AND REVELLING IN THEIR OWN NAUSEATING SELF-RIGHTEOUS PRIDE! THAT’S ISLAM–PERIOD–END OF STORY!!!!!

  3. F**k these Moslem assholes. I work on an assembly line. When people don’t show up for work it creates hardship for those who did. Why should the slackers and deadbeats be pandered to? If they find that working is interfering with their prayers, QUIT! No production- no paycheck. I stand with the Employer. I hope the Moslem scum lose their case. They can go back to Fuckastan and rape goats.

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