99% of Syrian Refugee ‘Surge’ to U.S. are Muslim

Taxation for Islamization…with no representation.

Source: Syrian Refugee ‘Surge’ to U.S. in April: 440 Muslims, 10 Yazidis, 1 Christian

The Obama administration’s “surge” of Syrian refugee admissions approved for resettlement in the United States jumped by 37 percent in April – to 451 from 330 the previous month.

Of those 451, 426 were Sunni Muslims and one was a Christian, according to State Department Refugee Processing Center data. The remaining 24 comprised nine Shi’a Muslims, five other Muslims and 10 Yazidis.

The first ten days of May have brought a further 99 admissions, all Sunnis.

President Obama last fall pledged to admit 10,000 Syrian refugees in fiscal year 2016. After a slow start – four months into FY2016, only 841 had been admitted – the State Department set up a special refugee “resettlement surge center” in Amman, Jordan in February.

With processing times reduced from approximately 18-24 months to just three months, the pace duly picked up – with a total of 114 Syrian refugee admissions in February climbing to 330 in March and to 451 in April.

The proportion of Christians among the admissions has not increased, however. With the exception of October, when four were admitted, each month this fiscal year has seen just one Christian included among the Syrian refugees entering the U.S.

As of Monday, the total number of admissions over that period is 1,835. Of them 10 – 0.5 percent – are Christians.

As reported earlier, many Christians who leave Syria do not register with the U.N. refugee agency UNHCR, for fear of their safety in U.N. refugee camps. Because UNHCR referral plays an important part in the early stage of U.S. refugee applications, Christians may therefore be inadvertently disadvantaged.

Administration officials have rejected calls for Christians to be prioritized.

Read it all and think about how you will explain to your children and theirs why you did nothing when America was overtaken by Muslims.

5 thoughts on “99% of Syrian Refugee ‘Surge’ to U.S. are Muslim

  1. where is obama putting all these jihad minded people? funny how it is NEVER in the media; he sure has control of the media when it comes to dealing with muslims

    is the media afraid to print the truth or wait until it is too late??

  2. There are clarion calls by liberals, Muslims, and other malevolent cretins who spread the lie that we should not discriminate against Muslims because of their “faith.” even though their “faith” is undeviatingly connected to a book that calls for the wholesale slaughter of anyone NOT of their repugnant “faith.”

    It would seem to any thinking person that “faith” has everything to do with all of it.

    Muslims have their “faith.” The Nazis had their “faith.” The two are so intimately tied that Hitler set up a whole unit of Muslim killers whose “faith” it was to slaughter the Jews.

    Today, Hitler is still held in high esteem by Muslim reprobates. We have seen their signs exalting Hitler.

    The “faith” of Muslims hasn’t change in near 1,500 years. Hate is essential to those who hunt for the wholesale slaughter of innocents.


    • @PatriotInk. Excellent post! Yes, it really DOES depend on what the meaning of “IS” is, doesn’t it? The willfully NAIVE keep on blindly saying how that MUZZLUMZ are just “religious” people, but what they refuse to acknowledge is that “religion”, in the hands of evil people is just another tool of the DEVIL!!!! AND MOST ASSUREDLY, ISLAM FALLS INTO THAT CATEGORY….. These immigration numbers alone prove the point that Obama has an evil agenda against Syrian Christians! Numbers don’t lie, and this evil president is doing everything in his power to enhance the world-wide “caliphate” before he makes his insidious wily exit! Jesus Christ said that the “violent” would take the Kingdom of God by force–I wonder if He’s referring to the Christians defending their “faith” or if He is referring to all of the muslim violence intent on destroying the “FAITH” once delivered to the saints??? GOD SAVE US!!!!

  3. When the right time comes, encourage congress to move on S.2230: Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2015 and HB0461. This would have to be after our Muslim president leaves our great Capital.

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