Minneapolis: How Muslim terrorists recruit in ‘Little Mogadishu’ (VIDEO)

Source: How terrorists recruit in ‘Little Mogadishu’ of Minneapolis

Here’s the transcript after the video is cut off (see it at the link above):

DOOCY: Sure. Why have so many Somalis relocated to Minnesota?

HEGSETH: In many ways, Lutheran social services, good welfare benefits, a welcoming environment for all the right reasons. The problem is is that there hasn’t been the kind of assimilation that you would want, necessarily, and not for a lack of outreach. That’s where the concern comes from. It’s not usually the first-generation. It’s that second-generation youth that don’t feel a connection either to the country they came from or the country that they’re in. And so they’re seduced by propaganda sometimes.

EARHARDT: What’s interesting, though, a fourth of those who have been arrested for aiding terrorists have come from that area.

Mauro points out:

In a “Fox & Friends” news package by Pete Hegseth about Islamist terror recruitment of Somali-Americans, CAIR’s Minnesota branch boasts that the Somali community has prevented recruitment to Al-Shabaab. It leaves out the fact that recruits are going to ISIS instead.

The package also features Clarion Project national security analyst Ryan Mauro discussing how ISIS puts forth a fantastical image of the caliphate to win recruits, some of whom become disenchanted when they see the reality.

You can confirm Mauro’s point by searching Creeping Sharia’s category titled Minnesota, or read just the latest news from the occupied territory, via MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO):

Jury selection proceeded slowly Monday in a major terrorism case in federal court in Minneapolis involving three young Somali-Americans.

Mohammed Farah, Abdirahman Daud and Guled Omar are accused of trying to join ISIS and traveling to commit murder abroad on behalf of the terrorist organization.

The case has unfolded over the past year, and if the three are convicted of the murder charge, they could face life in prison.

Of the 10 original defendants in the case, six have taken a plea deal. One, Abdi Nur, is believed to have made it overseas in 2014 and is widely believed to have died fighting for ISIS.


**Fans of the 70’s sitcom Mary Tyler Moore may recognize the building in the beginning of the video – it was used as the main character’s apartment building.

4 thoughts on “Minneapolis: How Muslim terrorists recruit in ‘Little Mogadishu’ (VIDEO)

  1. When is someone going to prove to the world that Islam is not a religion at all, but a deceitful political ideology that is using religion as a cloak to overtake nations?

    Islam is worse than Nazism!

    We are doomed if we keep repeating the same mistakes…mistakes like the last one we made regarding trusting, even respecting Hitler.

  2. The end of the story is in Zechariah 14. The USA is doomed to failure, Jerusalem is invaded, the Messiah comes and where your heart is determines your view of the Messiah. Read Isaiah 53 to back up the idea that the Messiah is Yeshua, Jesus. Just witness to the terrorist as he cuts your throat. A seed may be planted, many muslims convert and witness as the Saudi cuts their throat too.

  3. why would anyone with two brain cells to rub togethr think that cair will ever reveal the truth of any matter. they are wel lheeled liars who hate our country. cair is definitely a terrorist group along with the mb.

  4. These people whine, but what are they doing to connect youth to their country? Are they conducting (mandatory) citizenship classes? Do they teach a job is a start up the economic ladder which takes time? I could go on.

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