BBC’s Muslim head of religion says station is ‘too Christian’, could broadcast Muslim prayers

London. Has. Fallen. It is now Londonistan.

Source: BBC is ‘too Christian’ and ‘could broadcast Muslim prayers’ to reflect growing multi-culturalism

The BBC’s religious output is too Christian, an internal review by the Corporation has concluded, opening the way for more programmes on other faiths.

A report by Aaqil Ahmed, the BBC’s head of religion and ethics, has suggested Muslim, Hindu and Sikh faiths should get more airtime.

Interesting, because Sikhs and Hindus accused the BBC of pro-Muslim media and news bias.

Mr Ahmed’s appointment in 2009 was controversial because of allegations he had shown a pro-Islam bias in his previous role at Channel 4.

The report is now being considered by Lord Hall, the director general, who could make changes to make religious output less “disproportionate”, the Sunday Times (£) reported.

Mr Ahmed told a Commons meeting on religious literacy he had written a report for Lord Hall that would answer criticisms from non-Christian faiths that they were under-served.

Mr Ahmed said in a statement: “Christianity remains the cornerstone of our output and there are more hours dedicated to it than there are to other faiths.

“Our output in this area is not static, though.

“It has evolved over the years and we regularly assess it.”

He added: “We do look at the number of hours we produce, and measure that against the religious make-up of society.”

Asked whether greater coverage of other faiths could lead to cuts in Christian coverage, a BBC spokesman said it was too early to say which programmes were safe but added that Songs of Praise would be secure.

“We … are actually intending to do more programming around Christianity and more on other faiths as well, so there is absolutely no question of an ‘either or’ on our output,” he added.

The number of Muslims in Britain has doubled in a decade to three million.

One Muslim leader suggested the review could lead to Friday prayers from a mosque being broadcast in the same way that Christian church services currently feature in the BBC’s schedules.

Ibrahim Mogra, of the Muslim Council of Britain, said the BBC could televise Friday prayers from a mosque and extend coverage of Eid.

In another decade, after the Muslim population doubles again, they can show beheadings and stonings too.

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9 thoughts on “BBC’s Muslim head of religion says station is ‘too Christian’, could broadcast Muslim prayers

  1. seems to me the bbc should open their eyes; the majority of Londoners would rather not have to listen to muslim prayers. you keep giving in to the muzzies and soon you will have no rights per them. wake up

  2. There are many Islamic stations that broadcast prayers 24/7. There is no need for the BBC to be involved in calling prayers. One can set up call times on their cell phone, which everyone has. This is just plain crazy. Even Al Jazeera doesn’t do this.

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  4. Oh hey, I’ve got a really great idea for the BBC–just broadcast that hideous gawd-awful muzzie screeching “call-to-prayer” racket 24/7. Yeah, just think, no more programming planning. No more talk show hosts to schedule. No more employee pay roll–just one big loud-mouth screamer. And Lawd knows, he could run the whole show by himself. Hey London, you forgot to dig a hole to bury your DEAD CORPSE! You’re stinking up the whole BLOODY countryside! Wow, I never realized how apropos the British are with their terms–“bloody”–hmmm!!

  5. BBC There are loads of multi faith in sky channels for muslims and Sikhs to choose, I don’t watch any shows or soaps on the BBC what so ever but the minute you pamper down to muslims to take over I’ll stop paying my licence fee on the spot, don’t see why I pay as let’s be honest your channels are crap n your news are a tory mouthpiece. Def anti Jewish BBC

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