South Carolina: Ban on sharia law defense defeated by one vote

Source: Ban on Sharia law defense in S.C. courts dies at the Statehouse – Charleston Scene

The measure, sponsored by Charleston Republican Rep. Chip Limehouse, would have prevented an attorney from arguing that the laws of a client’s home country allow for certain actions in South Carolina.

“I’m not surprised,” Limehouse said of the bill’s failure to advance. “The Senate can be the graveyard of many good ideas.”

Limehouse said the measure was needed to curb the advancement of terrorist organizations in the country.

“Ask the people in France,” he added. “Ask the people in Belgium what they think about laws that would limit the use of Sharia law (as a defense in court). To me a ban on Sharia law is kind of like a ban on poisonous gas. It just makes sense.”

Sharia law is the legal framework where the public and some private aspects of life are regulated under legal systems based on Islam. The bill passed the House 68-42 in January.

But the bill failed to get past the Senate Judiciary Committee, dying on a 9-10 vote Wednesday.

“There’s no need to talk about it, let’s just do it,” said Committee Chairman Larry Martin, R-Pickens, as the vote was taken. Martin voted in favor of the legislation.

Sen. Ronnie Sabb, D-Williamsburg, said he was glad to be one of the committee members who helped defeat the bill which opponents said unfairly targeted Muslims.

“I couldn’t, in good conscience, support what it represents,” Sabb said. “A law like this sends us backwards.”

Ronnie Sabb stood up for ISIS and CAIR who also would have helped defeat the law – and who fight and kill for the sharia.

Limehouse, who is not running for re-election, said he hopes someone will introduce the bill again next year.

“As far as Sharia law, my conscience is very clear,” he said.

12 thoughts on “South Carolina: Ban on sharia law defense defeated by one vote

  1. The Democrat is backwards! We make the laws to be used in our country. Foreign laws have no business here! People here have migrated from the old USSR. Should Moscow laws apply here too? The whole idea of using foreign laws here is so idiotic that 50 years ago, any legislature would have taken it as a low-budget joke!

    • I agree with you completely. However here is something to thing about. Muslims do not see Sharia as a foreign law, but the laws of God. Their goal is to eradicate all laws of men and instill Sharia, and its this mindset that will never stop them. Countries tried to stop them for the last 1500 years, and I doubt another 1500 years into the future will ever change a thing.

  2. another victory for islam; what the crap is the matter with people in this country; do they not understand islam is the greatest enemy of our country and they sure do not mind using OUR freedoms against us to get what they want. read the mb project for the USA; you idiots are falling right into their hands; how damned stupid can you be????

  3. But you must understand that these savages have been brought here to replace the Americans. You already have stalwart Muslim-Huggers in your State House in Columbia. Governors, House Members & local mayors & council members are benefiting from this invasion of Muslims. Look at York County where
    Sharia rules.

  4. Muslims are terrorist. Sharia is a seditious law set. I studied religion. ISLAM is a religious IDEOLOGY NOT a religion. It’s actually a form of Government containing it’s own rules,laws and it’s trying to replace ALL other Government. It needs to be eradicated.

  5. “Sen. Ronnie Sabb, D-Williamsburg, said he was glad to be one of the committee members who helped defeat the bill which opponents said unfairly targeted Muslims.”

    Sen Williamsburg clearly does not understand that Sharia has little to do with religion, nothing to do with race, and everything to do with implementing a totalitarian form of government. Sharia and our Constitution are complete opposites of one another. Our constitution protects minorities rights, and Sharia rejects nearly every-bodies rights.

  6. It is beyond belief that 10 members of the SC Senate would vote against this bill. Sharia law is so contrary to
    Our way of life that such a proposed law should have passed unanimously. When those who voted to
    Kill the bill are identified, we should think about asking the wives of the dissenters to gowns live in Saudi Arabia or Yemen or Afghanistan for an extended period and have these wives brief their husbands on the inuendos of sharia law then let’s see how Ging-ho the 10 dissenters would be. Ladies, you had better beware
    For most of the freedoms you enjoy would be
    Passe’ if these lines ever get their way.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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