Michigan: Mohammad Sentenced in $3.4M Home Health Medicare Fraud

Keep in mind when they say “swindled the government out of” that means swindled you, the taxpayer! Source: West Bloomfield Man Sentenced in $3.4M Medicare Fraud | Patch h/t Dee

WEST BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP, MI – A West Bloomfield man who swindled the government out of $3.4 million in fraudulent Medicare billings funneled through his home health care company was sentenced Tuesday in federal court to 57 months in prison, prosecutors said.

Mohammad Rafiq, 49, was also ordered by U.S. District Judge George Caram Steeh to make restitution in the amount of $3,471,906.02 and to forfeit the same amount, according to a news release.

That’s $6.94 MILLION dollars!!! How much did he get away with?

Rafiq, who owned and operated Perfect Home Health Care, pleaded guilty to health care fraud, admitting that from February 2009 to November 2013, he paid physicians and patient recruiters to refer Medicare beneficiaries to his company and sign medical documents that falsely certified they required home health care, the government said.

Rafiq also directed patient recruiters and Perfect employees to pay cash kickbacks to Medicare beneficiaries in exchange for signing multiple blank physical therapy records, he admitted.

The FBI and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General’s (HHS-OIG) Chicago Region investigated the case, brought by the Criminal Division’s Fraud Section and the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District of Michigan.

Since its inception in March 2007, the Medicare Fraud Strike Force, now operating in nine cities across the country, has charged more than 2,300 defendants who collectively have billed the Medicare program for over $7 billion.

Muslims swindling the government through food stamp, credit card, tax, welfare, EBT, daycare and various medicare frauds has become so prevalent we have started a Creeping Sharia category to track it. See previous posts in our new “Fraud” category.

3 thoughts on “Michigan: Mohammad Sentenced in $3.4M Home Health Medicare Fraud

  1. the mfers know how to use the system to help support terrorism
    hope those idiots who voted for obamahole wake up; nothing is free except for obamahole who is screwing the taxpayers royally.

  2. Medicare fraud is a crime no matter who commits it. And the first line of defense is the False Claims Act. Passed in 1863, the Act allows whistleblowers to turn in those who steal from the government and earn an award. In 2014 the Justice Department paid over $435 million in awards.

    To learn more, visit http://www.medicaidfraudhotline.com

    Save a life, stop fraud, earn an award… a BIG award.

    • But, but, but, what’s fraudulent or illegal when all you’re doing is raking in the BOOTY from your CONQUERED filthy dirty non-muzzlum infidel SUBJECTS???? After all, those mfrs DESERVE what’s coming to them just for being born in America under a Constitutional system of gov’t and justice. I mean just compare America to the Middle East–we muzzlumz are SOOOO SUPERIOR IN EVERY WAY!!!!! Just think–we have the wonderful medicinal remedy called “CAMEL PISS” and, and, and, we have all the latest fashions in burkas and hijabs (or is that hibabs?–oh, what the hell!)! One thing is for sure–you’re really gonna “like” your country when we get done SCREWING you over!!!! Gawd, you won’t even RECOGNIZE IT!!!!!

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