Texas schools drop names related to Confederacy but ignore Islamic slave trade

Source: Parents: Houston schools drop Confederate names, but ignore ‘Islamic slave trade’ | EAGnews.org  h/t Liz, Julia & others who sent this in

HOUSTON – Critics of the Houston Independent School District’s board of education are pointing out that officials plan to rename schools with Confederate ties today, while supporting a school with alleged connections to terrorists.

A group of parents who oppose a new Arabic Immersion Magnet School believe district officials are sending contradictory messages by cutting out school names associated with Confederate figures because of the connection with slavery, while ignoring the same issue with the Arabic school, which is funded in part by the Qatar Foundation.

“HISD is accepting money from the state that sponsors ISIS, that sponsors terror and slavery, and yet they are about to withdraw the school names of various Confederate heroes,” Elizabeth Theiss, founder of “Stop the Magnet” told the KTRH.

Other school districts are doing the same thing, she said.

“There were people who spoke out in the Tucson Unified School District about this Qatar association,” Theiss said. “Qatar also is operating in Austin to do the Arabic language as they did with Bellaire and Lee High School.”

The Qatar Foundation has faced allegations of actively funding Hamas, which many nations regard as a terrorist organization.

Last month, Houston school board trustee and reality television star Jolanda Jones belittled students from Lanier Middle School who came to a board meeting to express their opposition to their school’s forced name change.

Jones’ rant, which was caught on video, alleged she’s received emails from students who were allegedly bullied by other students because they support a name change, but parents submitted a public information request for Jones’ emails and exposed the loud-mouthed trustee as a liar, the Houston Press reports.

“Obviously she is not aware of all the foul treatment of the Arabic slave trade, Islamic slave trade, that went on for centuries,” Theiss said.

Board members are expected to approve the name changes of seven district schools, including the current Lee High School, which is to be renamed Margaret Long Wisdom High School; the current Johnston Middle School, to be renamed Meyerland Performing and Visual Arts Middle School; the current Jackson Middle School, which will go by Yolanda Black Navarro Middle School of Excellence; and what’s now Reagan High School, which will turn into Heights High School; among others, according to the district website.

Stop the Magnet isn’t the only group opposed to the name changes.

Parents of Sydney Lanier Middle School also held a news conference Monday to protest the move on transparency and financial grounds.

“Parents claimed that Houston ISD is going against its own regulations by voting to rename the schools,” KPRC reports. “Parents said the district is failing to inform the public of how much the name changes will cost and where the money will come from.”

“We are hoping that on Thursday … that there’s going to be some remedial action that’s going to move this issue where it should be,” an unidentified parent told the news site. “Either a reconsideration, or take it off the table until you actually do your homework and fulfill your own requirements.”

More: Texas School Board Ignores Arabic Connection to Slavery — Renames Other Schools

The protest organizer at an Arabic Immersion Magnet School says it is ironic that the seventh largest school district in the U.S. is ignoring the Arabic culture’s “long and ongoing culture of enslavement” while stripping names off of schools of anyone connected with the Confederacy or slavery (and spending millions to do so).

Breitbart Texas reported that HISD voted to change the names of middle schools and high schools in Houston whose namesakes were connected to slavery or the Confederacy. The cost to rename just one middle school will cost almost $500,000.

The founder of “Stop the Magnet” says the “sensibilities surrounding slavery” have been ignored once the Houston Independent School District (HISD) was issued a check by the Qatar Foundation. She provided the document attached below in support of her statement.


As reported by Breitbart Texas, a  Qatar military official in Texas pleaded guilty to visa fraud for falsifying documents to secure the visas for two women he treated as slaves. His wife pleaded guilty to two counts of misprision of a felony for obtaining the labor and services of these two women by force. Hassan Salem H.M. Al Homoud and his wife, Zainab Al Hosani, a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, were living in San Antonio with their children while Al Homoud was attending military training at Camp Bullis.

The defendants were alleged to have restricted the two workers’ ability to move or travel by withholding their wages, cell phones, passports, and visas, as reported by Breitbart Texas prior to their pleas of guilt.


2 thoughts on “Texas schools drop names related to Confederacy but ignore Islamic slave trade

  1. Texas is late in the game of purging all signs of the Confederacy. Florida started several years ago. But Arabic names are still in the planning stage, that will come later. No traces of the South remain in most parts of Florida, but I am waiting for Jacksonville to be changed to Khanville. Mr. Shad Khan has (sort of) taken over Jacksonville, & of course, his name is PC.

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