Muslim American: Trump just wants to put American people first, what every President should do for their country


Source: Meet the female, Muslim and Mexican-American Trump supporters – NY Daily News

…soon-to-be-18 Sabir Hussaini, the son of two immigrants who fled Afghanistan as refugees during the Soviet-Afghan War, owns an estimated $200 worth of Trump merchandise.

The Kansas-born Muslim teen, who says he’s “obsessed” with the tycoon, insists that even though a majority of Muslims reject the likely GOP nominee, the venom-spewing mogul doesn’t seem hateful at all.

“He just wants to put American people first, because that’s what every President should do for their country,” Hussaini told The News.

On why he supports a “temporary” Muslim ban:

“I’m Shia, and most of the refugees are radical Sunnis. … It’s not that I don’t like them; it’s that I don’t support what they do. … They killed my people and stuff, so I don’t want them to come here.”

On the irony of supporting a ban on allowing any Muslims to enter the country as the son of two Muslim refugees:

“I know that sounds ironic because I don’t support the refugees now … but most of the refugees from my dad’s time that came from Afghanistan weren’t linked to ISIS or Taliban or whatever it was. They were regular people just living lives.

“I know a lot of refugees from Syria are regular people just like my dad, but there’s also a good amount that are … not even Syrian, they just came to Syria from other countries to try to act Syrian. But we can’t tell who’s who, so that’s why Trump wants to put a temporary ban.

“I don’t completely want them to be banned, just so we can figure out what’s going on and who’s who … If they’re clean and secure, then they can come here.”

6 thoughts on “Muslim American: Trump just wants to put American people first, what every President should do for their country

  1. Realistically, we have a situation…. Ya can’t just deport a whole family who have shown no tendencies toward aggression–not that we have a gov’t who would do that anyway, even if the whole family were caught supporting ISIS. The country is overrun with these kinds of muslims who, for all practical purposes, just want to live the ‘good life’. If sounds great on paper–assimilation, wow, great! Trouble is, even this “peaceful” talking kid is a potential TIME BOMB! How often have we heard the statement, “Wow, he SEEMED like such a NICE GUY?” The problem as I see it is how to separate the “wheat from the chaff”. Yeah, and even Jesus Christ said it can’t be done….. That’s why the influx needs to stop and all muslims living here should be under constant surveillance, 24/7….. Well, I can dream, can’t I????              

    • “They want to live a good life.”
      You do realise that a good life for a muslim is one where muslims are entitled to anything they want, where everyone must respect them but where they owe no respect to non-believers, where women are to be treated as objects, where blind faith in islam outranks reason ……
      I could go on but I will cut to the chase,
      That is a good life where shariah, the rules of society ordained by *allah*, allegedly revealed to a 7th century plundering war lord which favour him and his followers, must dominate over all other possible societies.
      And it is to that “good life” that the individual featured here, in spite of superficial claims of support for Trump, has completely given himself to.
      He is a muslim, after all.

    • Yes. This is America. Muslims are not compatible with America or most European nations. We are NOT going to change our laws to Sharia, so you might as well forget that. You’re welcome til you relocated, as long as there are NO killings.

  2. @tamimisledus. You’re one of the few who really gets it! There’s just one thing that separates this “peaceful muslim American” kid from becoming another Osama bin Laden–his “devotion” (or actually the lack thereof) to IZZZLAM! Every muslim everywhere, for all time, is a POTENTIAL TIME BOMB just waiting for the right time to blow up! That’s what Americans (and Westerners in general) just don’t get!!!!! To paraphrase a slightly overused expression, “It’s the (so-called false) ‘RELIGION’ stupid”!!!!!                

  3. Sharia law allows women to be abused. They can be raped, six to nine year old children can be violated and called brides, women cannot work if they choose to, they cannot go outside unless they wear a tent and are supervised. Husbands are allowed to and encouraged to beat them, and before they are even grown they are told how evil they are. Not in America. Not this woman or her daughters or granddaughters.

    • @Nancy Korb. I agree with most of what you’re saying, BUT, the fact is every time even ONE public school system in America changes it’s lunch menu to include (or exclude) certain items to please MUZZLUMZ, we ARE becoming SHARIA COMPLIANT! Every time our school curricula is changed to exclude Christianity we are allowing MUZZLUMZ to DICTATE how we should raise our children. When we refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance we are kowtowing to MUZZLUMZ! When churches are “converted” into mosques, that’s SHARIA COMPLIANCE! When immigrants are allowed to enter our country without proper vetting, that’s SHARIA COMPLIANCE! NO…we will never just change our laws WHOLESALE, en masse, to accomodate MUZZLUMZ, but that’s the whole point of this blogsite–IT’S ALL ABOUT “CREEPING” SHARIA!!!! We’re in a ‘hell-of-a-mess’! Americans don’t know what they’re doing most of the time! The Liberal Left has completely pulled the wool over our eyes until we’re convinced that everything is JUST FINE! People simply don’t see the impending destruction and carnage that hangs over our heads, if we don’t NIP THIS THING IN THE BUD! STOP ALL NEW IMMIGRATION FROM MUZZLUM (misspelled intentionally for emphasis) COUNTRIES! STOP ELECTING MUZZLUMZ TO PUBLIC OFFICES!!!! AND MAINTAIN SURVEILLANCE 24/7 IN AND AROUND ALL MOSQUES!!!! Well, I know I’m dreaming, but like I just said, ‘we’re in a HELL-of-a-mess’!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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