Democrat: Ham Sandwiches & Memorizing the Koran Will Defeat ISIS

Source: Congressman Seeks Ham Sandwich to Defeat ISIS | Foreign Policy

Brad Sherman (D-Calif.)

A U.S. lawmaker criticized State Department efforts to combat the Islamic State Tuesday, saying American officials suffered from a “Eurocentric” understanding of the world. His suggestion: Instead of propagating videos that expose the group’s brutality, diplomats should catch the terror group’s leadership eating non-halal deli meats and disseminate that footage.

“We have a State Department with people who think that you can show the evil of al-Baghdadi if you can show him personally executing a defenseless Yazidi,” said Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), referring to the Islamic State’s leader. “We need people who understand that if you can just get a picture of him eating a ham sandwich, that would undermine ISIS and its recruiting ability.”

The State Department and Congress have long disagreed about the best methods of fighting the root causes of terrorism. Lawmakers often allocate money for hard security measures, such as law enforcement and border control, while Foggy Bottom emphasizes the importance of programs on prison deradicalization, rehabilitation and good-governance.

In his rather unique critique, Sherman chided the department’s habit of recruiting a workforce with Ivy League credentials.

We need State Department people to [have] an understanding of Islamic jurisprudence,” he said. “That’s not the kind of knowledge that you can get at Princeton. Woodrow Wilson did  a great job. He did not memorize the Koran.”

Wilson, the 28th president of the United States, was president of Princeton University in the early 1900s.

Sherman spoke at a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs Committee ahead of the testimony of Justin Siberell, the State Department’s acting coordinator for counterterrorism.

Maybe under a Trump administration, the State Dept. could hire someone with “an understanding of Islamic jurisprudence,” like Robert Spencer. Or Bill Warner. Or Andrew Bostom.

Speaking of ham:

4 thoughts on “Democrat: Ham Sandwiches & Memorizing the Koran Will Defeat ISIS

  1. While I wholeheartedly support Congressman Brad Sherman’s concept of exposing the inconsistencies and hypocrisies of islam, and it’s faux-pious leadership, I nonetheless won’t hold my breath for our biased pro-muslim media to assist in bringing the Congressman’s plan to actuality. In other words, ‘ya just can’t catch the cat once it’s out of the bag’! The mere idea that some prominent imam or mullah is going to knowingly walk into a local diner or deli shop and order the Ham Club Special with a bottle of Heineken SO HE CAN BE CAUGHT RED-HANDED on somebody’s cell phone video, just isn’t/ AIN’T gonna happen! That’s a pipe dream! On the other hand, it IS very true that muslims absolutely have an aversion (literally a phobia) to pork and anything related to it–THAT’S A FACT! On that note I’d say the Congressman isn’t too far off base…. It may very well be that one of the best friends an American citizen can have nowadays is to have a SMELLY pig farm right next door–SURE COULDN’T SMELL (OR SOUND) ANY WORSE THAN SOME FREAKING MOSQUE with that incessant howling minaret blasting that vile screeching ungodly demonic “call to curse the infidels” FIVE TIMES A DAY!!!!!

  2. Brad is from SoCal surprised he’s not from San Francisco as his band of bone deep stupidity fits well for what passes as common sense around these parts.

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