Museum of Islamic Supremacy to be Built on Site of Failed Ground Zero Mosque

Source: Apartments, Islamic museum to be built on site of failed Ground Zero Mosque | New York Post

The developer of the failed Ground Zero Mosque has nailed down “Sharia-compliant financing” for a new, luxury condominium tower and Islamic cultural museum on the same site, he and his banking partners said Wednesday.

The $174 million dollar project features a three-story Islamic cultural museum at 51 Park Place and 48 high-end residential condos in a 43-story tower at 45 Park Place in the Financial District.

The “Sharia-compliant” financing means the deal complies with complex Islamic laws that govern lending and borrowing, including a prohibition against accepting interest or fees for loans.

Manhattan developer Sharif El-Gamal’s 2010 plan for a 15-story Islamic cultural center sparked protests from opponents who dubbed it the “Ground Zero Mosque,” although it was four blocks away.

He abandoned that plan in 2011 and there has been little apparent opposition to the smaller museum or the development itself.

The project now includes two multi-story penthouses on the top four floors along with a pool, gym and kids’ playroom.

The deal, finalized Tuesday, was funded by the London branch of Malayan Banking Berhad.

The project was designed by Michel Abboud of SOMA Architects, along with Ismael Leyva Architects, and will include a 2,821 square-foot public plaza, green space and a retail shop.

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9 thoughts on “Museum of Islamic Supremacy to be Built on Site of Failed Ground Zero Mosque

  1. shared to my public FB page with my added comment:


    WTF is wrong with New Yorkers? Letting the enemy that killed over 3000 Americans build this at that site???? WTF? NY, you might as well move the city to downtown London! WTF???

  2. @ mikekiljom . Yeah, the problem, as I see it, is that the “New Yorkers” of which you speak, ARE PRACTICALLY ALL G-DAMNED MUZZIES–I mean, just look at the names that are authorizing this project!!!! We are no better than London and we’ve been lied to for so long by these wolves in sheep’s clothing and by Hillary and BHO that now “we have met the enemy and HE IS US”! You and I both know that this is nothing more or less than Barry Hussein’s “buds” (the Brotherhood) STILL TRYING TO SMEAR 9/11 IN OUR FACES!!!! As far as any ‘observant’ MUZZLUM is concerned, NYC became an islamic caliphate when they blew up the Twin Towers. To the mind of a ‘demented’ MUZZLUM, it’s all about CLAIMING TERRITORY for mo-hammer-head and his allah-god! Ask any “honest” muslim, (that’s an oxymoron, for sure) what NYC represents to them–they see it as the CAPITAL of the USA until such time as they can actually build a mosque at 1900 Pennsylvania Ave! But this is the NEXT BEST THING! Now they have A PALACE to clinch the deal. That’s what the Ground Zero mosque was all about–AND THAT’S WHAT THIS F…ing G-D project is all about!!!! We’re in some deep zhit, Buddy, deep ….. Our country is changing, BIG TIME, and I’m kinda glad I won’t be around in 15 – 20 years to see the fallout, ’cause it ain’t gonna be pretty!!!!!                                    

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  4. Oh my, a museum and apartments but no mosque?….. Gosh. I don’t have to tell YOU folks here, about creepy “incrementalism.” (This site tells ME about it, and invaluably…) Watch for: soon to be added to the project,a “temporary, emergency, required, diversity-compliant” etc. etc. etc. nice little–mosque. Oh “people requested it,” R U IslamoPHOBIC,” “it’s an interfaith symbol,” etc. blah blah blah…..

  5. Cultural center????? These maggots don’t have a culture, they’re a death cult. This shouldn’t be allowed in any way shape or form and us trivializing 9/11 and those who died, their families and this country. Nothing good will come of this abomination

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