Pennsylvania: Muslim teen posted names of U.S. military, exhorted Muslims to kill, behead them

Now he is being charged. Twitter should be charged with aiding and abetting ISIS. aziz-terrorist

Source: Pennsylvania teen hit with new Islamic State-related charges | Reuters  h/t

A Pennsylvania teenager indicted for supporting Islamic State was hit with fresh terrorism charges on Wednesday, as U.S. prosecutors accused him of posting online the names of approximately 100 U.S. military members and exhorting his followers to kill them.

Jalil Aziz, 19, used his Twitter account to release the names, addresses, photographs and military branches of the U.S. service members, according to a superseding indictment filed in federal court in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Aziz told his followers to “kill them in their own lands, behead them in their own homes, stab them to death as they walk their street thinking that they are safe,” according to authorities.

The information had previously been posted online by supporters of Islamic State, according to Aziz’s defense lawyer, Thomas Thornton, who emphasized that the new charges are based on the same alleged acts that led to the initial indictment.

“All of these charges come from Mr. Aziz allegedly using his telephone in his room in his house,” Thornton said, calling it “teenage stupidity.”

Aziz was arrested in December on charges that he tried to help others travel to the Middle East to join fighters for Islamic State. The militant group controls territory in Syria and Iraq and has claimed responsibility for numerous mass killings, including the coordinated attacks in Paris in November that killed 130 people.

He used at least 57 separate Twitter accounts to advocate violence against U.S. citizens and to disseminate Islamic State propaganda, prosecutors said. Aziz served as an intermediary between a person living in Turkey and several members of Islamic State, according to court documents.

Prosecutors also said investigators found a “go bag” containing ammunition for an assault rifle, a black mask and a knife at Aziz’s house.

Ibn Ameer Aziz had previously been charged with attempting to provide support to ISIS. Our previous post: Pennsylvania: Muslim Charged With Supporting Islamic State Terror Group

9 thoughts on “Pennsylvania: Muslim teen posted names of U.S. military, exhorted Muslims to kill, behead them

  1. “Teen-age Stupidity??” – It’s TERRORISM!! It’s called being a TRAITOR!! It’s called MURDER!! it’s ILLEGAL!! It carries with it a DEATH SENTENCE!!


  2. Also Twitter should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law! It’s unconscienable that they allowed this to happen!

  3. NO SHARIA in the US EVER. Take these people out and hang them for treason and sedition against the US government

  4. Twitter responds to economic pressure. An audit of ‘suspect’ accounts may be just the trick. I also agree the site should be held accountable for what it allows to be posted jsut as blog people can be warned and removed for similar activities.

  5. This total BRAINIAC is absolutely ignorant of his African roots! His hatred toward the USA and our military forces is insane! He is almost 100% here in America today as a result of the Arab-African Slave Trade of the 18th and 19th centuries. His ancestors no doubt converted to islam as a direct result of muslim bloodshed and violence back in the day! He’s biting the hand that feeds him. I’d say there’s a REAL GOOD CHANCE that he was raised by some welfare Mama in the inner-city and hardly ever worked a day in his life! Those welfare programs in the inner-cities were by and large a creation of White European descendants–mostly with insidious (or other) ulterior motives to gain votes. But they were established by White folks, nonetheless! The Arabs and muslims never did a g-damned thing for him except to call him and his ilk, a “kaffir”, and to place his ancestors in wrist and leg irons on the Middle Passage slave ships which brought them to America. African slavery was, is and always will be directly related to the muslims and their outright hatred for Black Africans!!!!!                

  6. Immediate deportation to Saudi Arabia. They fund it, let them have the return on their investment! Start deporting these jihadi’s and their entire families and you’ll see the numbers of those willing to join go down; and the numbers of those Muslims willing to report them go up.

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