Portland State Univ Students Offer To Donate to HAMAS Terrorists (video)

Source: Portland State University Students Offer To Donate To Terrorists Who Want To Blow Up Cafes And Schools

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz, posing as a worker for “American Friends For Hamas,” made a series of provocative statements to students walking on the campus of Portland State University recently, including:

  • “We’re not your father’s terrorist organization, we’ve kind of evolved beyond that.”
  • “We want to fund operations against Israel and the types of attacks we’re talking about are cafes and schools, you know, soft targets.”
  • “Cafes and schools — soft targets. You know, make them feel it.”
  • “The suicide bomber’s all we’ve got. It’s kind of like the poor man’s F-15.”
  • “We want to wipe Israel off the map.”

5 thoughts on “Portland State Univ Students Offer To Donate to HAMAS Terrorists (video)

  1. Two things, ‘leftism’ has completely crossed the line betw. sanity and lunacy, and our universities have totally become institutions of complete misinformation and lies! BTW, did any one of these fools who were interviewed, catch the fact that this “anti-Israel interviewer” guy was wearing a JEWISH YARMUKE on his head!!!!! It was like the fools who were protesting last night at the Trump rally in Oregon–they didn’t even know why they were there protesting!!!!! WE NEED MORE LEGALIZED DRUGS!!!! Maybe they should just pass’em out like candy! Yeah, that’ll fix everything…..              

  2. Another valuable-to-know-about chink in our armor. Of course, a scientific curmudgeon has to ask: sampling errors? Like, did he interview 100 people and select only the most “vacant” 8 or 10?….. Still, even that many, like one in ten, would be representative of America’s current and increasing….[fill in description, but you-here know what I mean…]

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