Arizona: Somali Muslim tried to run over Border Patrol agents at checkpoint

h/t Jihad Watch who asks:

Why is a Somali citizen trying to cross into the U.S. from Mexico in the first place?

Source: Documents: Somali citizen tried to run over border agents in southern Arizona – ABC15 Arizona

A Somali citizen tried to run over Border Patrol agents in southern Arizona after a high speed pursuit, according to federal investigators.

In April, investigators say Ahmed Elni Abdalla drove up to a checkpoint near Amado. When agents approached Abdalla’s car, he drove through the stop sign and tried to get away at a “high rate of speed.”

The high-speed pursuit continued up to Green Valley where agents were able to box in Abdalla’s car.

However, Abdalla allegedly refused to get out. When agents tried to break his car window, Abdalla drove right at agents who had to “jump out of the way in order to avoid being hit,” according to federal paperwork.

In December, another Somali citizen was detained by Border Patrol agents. Investigators say Omar Haji Mohamed was paid to help sneak people across the U.S. Border.

2 thoughts on “Arizona: Somali Muslim tried to run over Border Patrol agents at checkpoint

  1. posted to my public Fb with my added comment:

    I am confused…. Why is this somali not freakin DEAD?? Do we just have pussies on the boarder now too? WTF happened to my America?????

  2. had it been an American in their country they would have been imprisoned and tortured and/or killed. look at what happened when a veteran got lost and ended up in prison there; took awhile to get him out and he was not treated nicely.

    why did this cretin not get shot or his tires blown out. these bastards are hired by the terrorists sponsored by saudi arabia , muslim brotherhood, cair, and other terrorist countries who hate us.

    will be glad when the wall is built, permanently, to keep these terrorist, hate-filled idiots who want to kill us, out of our country. they have no business here.

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