Trinidad and Tobago: Muslim women’s org rejects child marriages, except in Muslim marriages

Source: Muslim women’s organisation rejects its president’s view favouring child marriages | CCN TV6 | Rotator

MUSLIM women have now taken a position on the issue of child marriages.

The National Muslim Women’s Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (NMWOTT) says it does “not support support the marriage of twelve -year old children”.

The NMWOTT says it proposes eighteen as the recommended age for marriage.

Following is the text of a Media Release issued by the National Muslim Women’s Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (NMWOTT) on Tuesday:

Except in extenuating circumstances:

“• In a Muslim marriage, under the age of eighteen for extenuating circumstances applications must be made for a special License to a Judge in Chamber or a specially appointed committee by the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Arguments under Islamic practices will be put forward by the Imam and parents of the claimants. Based on the findings, this will determine the circumstance and capability of each case.

So, under-age marriages to twelve-year-old girls is still ok in Muslim marriages.

One Response

  1. Hey, who needs child-protection laws anyway??? Just let the perv’s have their way! It’ll make life SOOO much easier for everybody!! Just think, parents (unmarried ones, of course) can pop out a bunch a kids, get welfare to send’em thousands of bucks and then the muzzies can turn’em all into little whores and suicide bombers!!! HELL, YES!!! Oh, I mean, “Yes, that would really be HELL!!!”

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