Muslim mob strips elderly Christian woman naked and parades through streets

Coming to a town near you in the not too distant future?

Source: Elderly Christian woman stripped naked and paraded through streets by mob | The Independent

A 70-year-old Christian woman has been stripped naked, beaten and paraded through the streets by a mob of around 300 Muslim men in a village in southern Egypt.

The mob also burned down seven homes belonging to Christian families, according to an unusually outspoken statement issued by the local Orthodox Coptic church, after rumours circulated in the village that a Christian man was having a relationship with a Muslim woman.

The violence started at around 8pm on 20 May, and the local diocese said it was two hours before police responded, by which point the mob had already dispersed.

The woman who was stripped naked was reported to be the mother of the man involved in the rumoured affair. She has since met with church leaders, the Diocese of Minya and Abu Qirqas said.

The violence is representative of the tensions between the two religions in the province south of Cairo, where extra-marital affairs between Muslims and Christians are strictly taboo.

The incident took place in the village of Al-Karm where, according to local media, similar violence has flared up in recent years.

In his TV interview, Makarios despaired that he knew exactly how officials would handle the new case, and how little difference it would make. He said the crisis in the village would most likely be handled through a government-sponsored meeting of the two sides, in which the Christians would be forced to accept “humiliating” conditions for reconciliation.

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This 70-year-old is hardly the first Christian woman in Egypt to be treated so.  In 2013, rioting Muslims “burned down a Christian school, paraded three nuns on the streets like ‘prisoners of war,’ and sexually abused two other female staff even as at least 58 attacks on Christians and their property were reported across Egypt over the last four days. At least two Christians have died in the attacks.”

Nor is this an “Egyptian” phenomenon; it’s an “Islamic” one. In Pakistan, a 28-year-old pregnant Christian mother of four was stripped naked, beaten, and forced to march nude in her town by two Muslim brothers following an argument.  She lost her baby in the ordeal, which “was motivated because of Bibi’s [Christian] religious beliefs.”  Similarly, a Muslim family kidnapped, beat and left naked on the streets an 8-year-old Christian girl, as a way to “punish” her uncle for pursuing a relationship with a female member of the Muslim family.

In short, every aspect of this most recent attack is part of a well-established pattern that has played over in Egypt, Pakistan, and other Muslim majority nations countless times: a Christian is (often falsely) accused of some infraction; his family and possibly entire village is savagely attacked, beat, molested, and mugged by the mob; and police take their time to arrive and do little when there.

After 3,000 Muslims attacked the Christians of a village near Alexandria in 2012, it took the army an hour to arrive—even though it was only one mile away: “This happens every time,” said a Christian eyewitness.  “They wait outside the village until the Muslims have had enough violence, then they appear.”

As Minya’s most senior Christian cleric, Anba Makarios, put it during a televised interview concerning Thabet’s ordeal, if a Muslim man was pursuing a Christian woman, police’s response “would not have been anything like what happened….  No one did anything and the police took no pre-emptive or security measures in anticipation of the attacks.  We are not living in a jungle or a tribal society.”

Unfortunately, the good priest is wrong.  Islamic culture—founded as it is by an Arab tribesman—is inherently tribal.  The umma is the super tribe of Islam, meaning Muslims side with Muslims against all “infidels”—that is, all outsiders—according to the doctrine of “loyalty and enmity.”  Highly revered scholar of Islam, Ibn Taymiyya (1263-1328), held that Muslims are “obligated to befriend a believer — even if he is oppressive and violent towards you and must be hostile to the infidel, even if he is liberal and kind to you” (The Al Qaeda Reader, p. 84).  Hence why Muslim husbands are told to hate—and show they hate—their non-Muslim wives.

This is the hostile, un-assimilating, tribal mentality that the West is importing by the millions. In Muslim-majority nations—where Christians and Muslims look the same, speak the same language, and are virtually indistinguishable—being non-Muslim is enough to subject one to the aforementioned hate, violence, and discrimination.  How much more are Muslims expected to view and treat those who are not only non-Muslim but completely alien in all ways?



4 thoughts on “Muslim mob strips elderly Christian woman naked and parades through streets

  1. is there no shame on the planet to punish these cretins and stop their horrendous treatment of non-muslims? what has happened to the sanity of the UN, who issued resolutions against Israel. What about all the other countries who destroy lives daily in the name of an idiotic belief based on a pedophile who ruled with terror? islam is the scourge of the planet; it is not a peaceful belief, never has been and never will be, no matter how much they try to make you believe otherwise.

  2. There go the ‘Heroes of the Islamic Revolution” picking on the weakest of their ‘enemies’. When these types are placed in an unfamiliar situation (immigration), they revert with a vengence to their most basic behaviors, learned at home and approved by the dominant male in the pack.

  3. Yeah, and it goes w/o saying that the charges against this Egyptian Christian man and his mother are nothing but MUZZLUM LIES!!!!! That’s the thing with IZZLAM–once somebody concocts a lie against you, YOU’RE GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN DEAD! Christians have no defense whatsoever in these Third-World islamic rat holes! Oh yeah, we really need to bring more of these rotten scum to America–yeah, and it won’t be long before we see this very thing going on right here in plain view in the good ole’ USA!!!!!            

  4. All of the non-muzzies should band together and then erase every muzzie on the planet just like they and islam had never existed.

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