Obama to release 2 dozen of ‘worst of worst’ Gitmo jihadis by end of July

Obama to transfer of 22 or 23 detainees out of Guantanamo Bay sometime before the end of July.

More from The Guardian: Two dozen Guantánamo detainees poised for release under Obama deals

…some of the transfer approvals have yet to receive certification by Ashton Carter, the defense secretary, as required by law, ahead of a notification to Congress.

According to US officials, the administration has deals in place to send approximately two dozen longtime Guantánamo detainees to about half a dozen countries.

While it is unclear if the transfers will occur in one wave, as with the April transfer of nine detainees to Saudi Arabia, there is an expectation that the departure of 22 or 23 men will occur by the end of July. There are currently 80 men detained at Guantánamo, the lowest number since the US opened the wartime prison in 2002.

15 thoughts on “Obama to release 2 dozen of ‘worst of worst’ Gitmo jihadis by end of July

  1. Where are the 9 released in April. Do we know anything for sure? How? Where are the 5 released to Qatar for Berghal? Are they back on the Field of Battle against Americans or OUR Allies? How do we know?

  2. just send them to belmont road in dc where obama is moving; he will have enough bedrooms to accommodate the desert rats.

    • :-)) Exactly, he likes Revolutionary types, they’re one hair removed from th Muslim Brotherhood with whom he meets with in secret off hours at the White House without signing the Guest Log

  3. shared to my public fb with my added comments:

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!
    Won’t SOMEONE PLEASE get this bastard traitor out of Washington DC before this happens???? PLEASE? Generals? This may be your last chance to do your duty to our country and help us!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Should any of the Muslim Obama’s released brotherhood should resurface and cause harm to the American People, Muslim Obama should be charged with treason and jailed in a high security prison, along with any co-conspirators. Paul Ryan and congress needs to wake up.

  4. @lehi48. Seriously, my friend, does anybody in their right mind believe that these f…ing cockroaches have been reformed and Americanized??? In short, does anybody IN THEIR RIGHT MIND believe ANYTHING that comes out of Obama-hole’s mouth concerning these Gitmo scums???? Americans are the most gullible naïve people on planet Earth when it comes to taking MUZZLUMZ at face value–cause MUZZLUMZ are taught to LIE AND DECEIVE from the moment they are born!!! …And that includes the MUZZLUM IN CHIEF in the WH! It really goes w/o saying that there is NO PRACTICING MUZZIE who can be taken AT FACE VALUE–THEY ARE ALL TWO-FACED SCUMBAGS who will look you in the eye and STAB YOU IN THE BACK!!!!! The one POSSIBLE exception to that rule might possibly be muslims who have grown up with Jewish or Christian neighbors and have adopted or adapted to Judeo-Christian values. Certainly, that’s not the case with these Gitmo rats and roaches!!!!! And truth be told, even the seemingly peaceable “Americanized” muzzies are by and large nothing but walking ticking time bombs ready at a moment’s notice to “radicalize” and turn against their non-muzzlum neighbors. We’ve seen far too many graphic examples of that in the recent headlines!! In short—YES, WE DO KNOW where these released Gitmo scumbags are, and we know EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING—they’re back to LYING, KILLING, DECEIVING, MURDERING, PLUNDERING, RAPING AND SMILIN’ IN YOUR FACE AS THEY DO IT TO YOU!!!!! Please pardon me for saying so, my friend, but this really AIN’T rocket science!!!!! To believe otherwise is to hold a loaded gun to our heads and say, ‘It really isn’t loaded, it really isn’t loaded, it really isn’t loa……..                    

  5. Aren’t American Imperialist forces the real Jihadis, the real terrorists? And is this publication an arm of corporate imperialism? Do you think that Middle Eastern “terrorists” were created in a vacuum? Goodness! JWC

    • I’m not for bringing in Muslims or Mexicans (There is a quota for any other countries that can emigrate here each year. What if 25,000 Irish wanted to emigrate here this year? Never happen.) but you are exactly right about all of this not being created in a vacuum. Those that call themselves patriots and wave their little plastic flags and shout how much they support the troops are the original terrorists in our current situation. I’ll support the troops when they are back where they are supposed to be. Not protecting our supposed ‘national interests when they are really protecting ‘corporate’ interests that don’t have more than a token office or two in the US and pay no taxes! We are simply the iron fist in the propaganda matrix’s velvet glove. The NWO is about done with our military and it will be totally destroyed just like Hitler destroyed the Brownshirts. It’s already happening. Instead of studying a bit of history all the brain-dead can do is scream for those of us who have studied a lot of REAL history to leave if we don’t like it. They have no idea who the real Axis of Evil is.

    • @jaywarrenclark. Please tell me that you are speaking ‘tongue-in-cheek’! I’d really like to give you the benefit of the doubt, but if, in fact, you really DO hate this country, THEN GET THE HELL OUT, cause I’m really sick of Obama-ass-kissers who only want to destroy everything that’s good and sacred about the Home of the Free and the Brave!!!!! It just so happens that the MAJORITY of bloggers who comment here are true Americans, who love this country–SO WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON???? INQUIRING MINDS REALLY WANT TO KNOW!!!!              

      • You illustrate my point perfectly. I see no indication that jwc is an Obama supporter. Did you address any of his perfectly objective questions? Of course not! Your ‘either yur fer us or agin us’ smacks of low intelligence with no background in history. REAL history–not that crap the msm spouts or what was spoon fed you in high school. So were you a Bush ass-kisser or what? They are both on the same side so I’ve voted third party most of my life. Obama should have been hanging long ago, right next to both Bushes, Clinton, et. al.

    • @Bruce Hayden. So who invited you to this party anyhow? My comment was to ‘jaywarrenclark’. But now that you’re here, may I say that your comments illustrate a very wise old Biblical saying, “Professing themselves to be wise, they become fools.” BTW, seems like you’ve really done lots to “MAKE THIS COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN”. I mean, everybody knows how third-party candidates are SOOO effective and how intrinsically EVIL this country really is–that’s why the MUZZIES are all BUSTING DOWN THE DOORS trying to get in here! “Axis of Evil”??? Yeah, that’s really special of you–especially since your ‘enlightened thinking’ suggests KILLING Trump “and blaming it on the muslims” (intentional lower-case)–muzzlumz with NUKES, no less! Yeah, now gorsh darndit, whaa deedn’t aah thaaink uh theayat? Oh sheeit–my intellect jus’ keeps gittin’ lower and lower! Mus’ be that damned Haigh Sckuul wher they deedn’t haiv any ‘nives n forks–ONLY SPOONS!!!!!                      

    • As many as we allow. If the future is to be judged by the past then the future will just be a long continuation of a whimper from a beaten dog. That being said, I think that what very well may happen at the RNC may be a game-changer. They cannot afford to allow Trump to become president and they cannot afford to assassinate him openly. However, a small nuke in Cleveland blamed on the Muslims could solve all their problems.

  6. Just put ’em in a C-130, and have ’em practice a HALO parachute jump over the Atlantic – minus parachute.

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