Texas: School Takes $100K From Brotherhood-linked Qatari Group to Push Arabic Language and Islam

The Muslim Brotherhood is busy buying off school districts to indoctrinate your kids with Islamic propaganda. Source: Qatar Gives $100,000 to Texas School to Push Arabic Language and Culture  h/t europenews

The Qatar Foundation International (QFI) granted $100,000 to a Texas school district to promote Arabic language and culture classes that begin next school year. This marks the third school district in Texas to accept funds from the Qatari non-profit’s global gift-giving arm.

The Austin Independent School District accepted the $100,000 from QFI to jump start new Arabic language and culture classes coming to three of its campuses in Fall 2016. The grant funds teacher salaries, curriculum development, instructional materials and unnamed resources.

Also, the University of Texas at Austin’s Arabic Flagship Program supports Austin ISD’s new Arabic classes. UT-Austin is one of four federally funded Arabic flagship college campus programs nationwide. Other participating universities are in Arizona, Maryland, and Oklahoma. The program started in 2000.

The Flagship Language program says it strives to prepare students to enter college with a “measurable” second language skill and to “push the model” to the elementary level, calling it vital to “educate a citizenry prepared to address the nation’s well-being in the 21st century.” The language program currently boasts 27 Flagship centers that provide a pathway to professional-level proficiency in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi-Urdu, Korean, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Swahili, and Turkish.

In May, Austin ISD World Languages Coordinator Tina Dong called it paramount that the school district prepares students for college, career, and life by “equipping them with the skills needed to authentically interact with individuals from diverse cultures.” The school district folded the Arabic language and its culture among its clarion call. In a press release, Austin ISD described QFI as committed to providing skills “to enable K-12 students to be engaged global citizens through education.”

Last year, Breitbart Texas reported Al Jazeera creator Sheikh bin Al Thani, reputedly associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, created QFI. The organization gives to educational causes. In 2011, they partnered with the U.S. Department of Education’s Connect All Schools consortium “to connect every school in the U.S. with the world by 2016” digitally, which President Obama unveiled in his 2009 speech delivered from Cairo. QFI grants monies to over 20 U.S. schools in 10 states, reaching over 2,400 students.

According to QFI, their support comes with the intention to establish or expand Arabic and culture programs in K-12 public and public charter schools. In addition to Texas, benefitting schools are located in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Utah, and the District of Columbia. QFI also funds programs in schools across the United Kingdom and in Brazil.

QFI Executive Director Maggie Mitchell Salem welcomed three Austin public schools in “joining our growing network of partner schools across the U.S., making it a total of 24 K-12 schools across the nation invested in Arabic language and Arab culture education in 2016.”

In 2015, QFI granted Houston ISD $75,000 to jump start its Arabic immersion magnet school, which Breitbart Texas reported. QFI also funded Austin suburb Pflugerville ISD’s Arabic secondary programs at two high schools.

Of the chosen Austin ISD campuses, Burnet Middle School already offers a signature College and Careers in a Global Society program. Austin High School has its Academy for Global Studies with an international focus, according to the press release. The third public school International High shares a campus with Eastside Memorial High, which will have access to the course.

Breitbart Texas also asked Young about what Islamic culture will be taught in these Arabic classes. She said “Unfortunately, it is too early to provide examples because the curriculum will not be developed until the summer.”

By way of example, Young pointed out the district’s “Korean enrichment course already in place at Travis High School includes cultural topics such as traditional dress worn by men and women, as well as Korean food traditions.”

She said teachers of these new Arabic courses will work with the coordinator for three weeks this summer to develop thematic units of instruction alighted with the state standards for Languages Other Than English (LOTE).

Young added: “Culture is a major goal area in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for LOTE instruction.  When studying culture, the expectation in the classroom, regardless of the language, is that students explore the products and the practices of the target culture.”

She continued, “Most importantly, student expectations include the ability to relate these products and practices to their underlying perspectives. In so doing, students are able to access higher order thinking skills as well as gain a deeper understanding of that culture being studied. An example of a product of culture would be French fashion.  An example of a practice would be German board games. Students are expected to evaluate the perspectives that underscore why French fashion and German board games are important to the culture of that group.”

It’s not too early too tell. It will be pure Islamic indoctrination: Islam prayers, Koran verses, praising Muhammad, visits to mosques, forcing little girls to wear Islamic clothing and no mention of jihad, sharia, stonings, beheadings, FGM, rape-jihad, polygamy, child marriages, acid throwing, honor killing or anything that has truly defined Islam over the centuries.

8 thoughts on “Texas: School Takes $100K From Brotherhood-linked Qatari Group to Push Arabic Language and Islam

  1. This is why we should be boycotting Saudi Arabia and any other nation pushing this money on indoctrinating our youth. We should be using our own oil resources but Obama and his ilk will have none of that. The Communist Party of America, a.k.a. Democrat Party, use environmentalism as the excuse to put the dampers on our own oil and gas production.

  2. School Teaching Creationism With Video From Islamic Sex Cult. Youngstown, Ohio, students are learning creationism in school with materials from a Islamic, Holocaust-denying group accused of being a sex cult. A curriculum map recommends teachers in this public school district show a creationist video, Cambrian Fossils and the Creation of Species, as part of 10th-grade science education. The video claims that the Cambrian Explosion “totally invalidates the theory of evolution.” The Cambrian Explosion was a time period, nearly 550 million years ago, where, over the next tens of millions of years, the number of species on Earth experienced a (relatively) rapid expansion by evolutionary standards. Christian creationists regularly point to this explosion of life as evidence for creation by God and against evolution. Blink and you’d miss the Islamic connection in the video. A black screen flashes for less than one second that says “this film is based on the works of Harun Yahya.” In the right corner, there’s a gold bubble that says, “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah” in Arabic.

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  4. One more fine example of “professing themselves to be wise, they become fools”! What a bunch of total idiots! How do “educated” people who most likely grew up in the Bible Belt fall, hook, line and sinker, for this abject insanity? Cultural studies??? Like, what culture?? CULTURE OF DEATH!!! Hey, maybe there really is something to the expression, “DUMB HICKS”!!!!! PA-LEEZE tell me these school officials aren’t totally stupid enough to actually BELIEVE these Arabic classes will improve the lives of their students. In other words, in all reality, how much do the SALARIES of these ‘educated’ morons go up by accepting this kind of BLOOD MONEY from Qatar and Saudi Arabia??? In other words, it goes w/o saying, that this is a total sell-out! To hell with the minds and souls of the kids who are going to be subjected to this godless Arabic (sharia law) propaganda! Who cares that our impressionable, gullible young people are subjected to, and indoctrinated by, (not to mention, brainwashed by) 7th century doctrines of demons! If I were in charge of these school districts, I promise you there would be hell to pay before this kind of disgusting curricula ever got my approval!!!! WAKE UP AUSTIN, TEXAS–you’re cutting off your own heads and the head of every young person who is subjected to this koranic rubbish!!!!!

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