Video: The Islamization of Our Schools

A short excerpt from CAN’s upcoming documentary “Exposed: The Islamization of Our Schools”.

This documentary-in-progress uncovers the ongoing, accelerating indoctrination of U.S. students to Islam, using U.S. taxpayer money.

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This particular excerpt came out of our trip to Staunton, Va., where local mom Kimberly Herndon described finding out that her ninth-grade son was being made to swear allegiance to Allah in class, and the shocking reaction of school district officials when she dared to complain about it. We also talked to her son, Nick, who gave a firsthand account and walked us through the actual assignment.

Completing this documentary will involve several more trips to sites where parents and communities became aware of this ongoing campaign to brainwash our school-age children. We are also actively seeking personal stories of indoctrination to include in the project. To contact us, and to download our investigative report on the Islamization of U.S. schools, please visit our website at


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2 thoughts on “Video: The Islamization of Our Schools

  1. THIS may be good documentary! I subscribed and will watch for it….

    Meanwhile, I am sharing this on my public FB page as all yof you should also be doing! And added my comment:

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I suspect the upcoming documentary may be worth taking to local school board meetings to show the board members – so they KNOW we are watching their actions and will not put up with this crap at our schools.

    In addition to YOU sharing this publicly on YOUR facebook pages, All across America we have neighborhood watches popping up on line.

  2. required reading/studying is the muslim brotherhood 100 yr plan of the mb for the takeover of the USA. every step they get in gets them more steps; and of course, if anyone protests, it is islamaphobia, a term islam created to detract from their dastardly deeds and the spreading of shit

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