Curious George Hijacked to “Teach” Your Kids About Islam

It’s the “Month of Jihad” Curious George!


Source: This Ramadan, Curious George Teaches Kids About Islam and Muslims

Last year, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, the official publishing company for Curious George, approached Khan about writing the newest addition in a beloved series.

In It’s Ramadan, Curious George, the iconic children’s character teaches readers about Ramadan and Eid in an age-appropriate manner. George helps his friend Kareem keeps his first fast, partakes in the feasting at sundown and even makes his first visit to a mosque.

The book company was submitted/converted/infiltrated/paid off by Muslims long ago and has been subjugating American school children with lies about Islam for many years.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt blocks emails objecting to their pro-Islam school workbooks.


8 thoughts on “Curious George Hijacked to “Teach” Your Kids About Islam

  1. I stay away from anyone named Khan, &
    I hope that goes for all Americans. Our children
    are being used by the ( public) schools, to spread
    the lies of Islam, a murder cult masquerading as a
    religion. Now, the whole bloody month of Ramadan
    is celebrated by blood rituals. Please be careful, muslims are GOV Approved Murderers.

  2. I remember when I went to N.Y. public elementary school we read traditional X-mas stories and also some stories explaining Hanukkah. Those traditions have been long established in the U.S.They are part of our historic heritage.Islam has no part in our history.I’ve never heard of childrens’ books explaining Hindu holidays becoming required reading in public schools.Why does Islam become the exception?

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