Czech President speaks plainly about Islam and its effects on civilization

Czech President speaks plainly about Islamic culture and its effects on CivilizationThis is no small thing. The people of the West need to know there are leaders out there ready to risk everything to speak the truth. President Zeman of the Czech Republic may be chief among these.One of the few leaders left on Earth willing to speak the plain facts about Islam and Islamic immigration and its consequences.

If the jihad-aiding Google-owned Youtube removes the video, find it here as well and previous posts from the truth-telling Czech leader here.

6 thoughts on “Czech President speaks plainly about Islam and its effects on civilization

  1. President Zeman is right to fight the EU on migrant quotas when it has failed to defend Europe’s outer borders.He is right to defend his country’s borders. Europe must defend it’s cultural roots from influx of Moslem economic migrants.

  2. what a smart man; only if we had some of those common sense people in this country. . . . .he sees right through all the cultural problems and hopefully is successful in protecting his country from these religious invaders.

  3. President Zeman got the message a long time ago about the dangers of uncontrolled Muslim Immigration! How come only the V4 has the intelligence to recognise this sinister problem? Why did the dude on the President’s right side have ear-phones on? Was he an EU observer? He looked none too happy at what was being relayed to him through them.

  4. i finally heard this warning, we here in America are being told we need to increase immigration because of the lack of workers which is pure nonsense, Obama pushed for the arab spring which set off this nite-mirror of gigantic problems..the so called globalists new world order has destabilized virtually every country on earth.. God help us all.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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