DHS agent: West blind to ‘jihad through immigration’



Source: DHS agent: West blind to ‘jihad through immigration’

The high-profile tactic of Islamic jihadists is their spectacular terrorist attacks. Yet even the most outrageous and violent actions risk blinding the West to the true goal of supremacist Islam – the establishment of Islamic law, or Shariah, which can be advanced through a variety of prescribed means, including mass migration.

Counter-terrorism and Islamic expert Philip Haney put the threat America and the West faces in perspective in an interview with “Secure Freedom Radio” with Frank Gaffney. Haney, a highly decorated Department of Homeland Security officer who identified hundreds of terrorists, is the author of a new bestseller that chronicles his remarkable confrontation with his agency over its politically correct policies, “See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad.”

Gaffney praised the book, which is No. 1 in several Amazon categories: “I cannot recommend it highly enough to you.”

Haney explained that the pursuit of Islamic law is the true driving force behind the global Islamic movement.

“Shariah is the arena [Muslims] operate in,” said Haney. “Shariah is the universe Muslims live inside. It forms the boundaries of the world they live. And their attempt to establish Shariah is an attempt to establish order in this violent, chaotic world that we live in.

“That’s why they say that Islam is a religion of peace, because for them Shariah equals peace. But the caveat to that statement that Islam is a religion of peace is that it’s not one right now. … They allow themselves the use of force to enforce this noble goal of establishing it throughout the world.”

‘Gravitational force of Shariah’

Jihad, Haney explained, is simply a means to implement Shariah. Whether defined as violent warfare or the more innocuous “struggle to improve oneself,” it’s secondary to the core objective.

“We always have to come back again to this gravitational force of Shariah,” said Haney. “The power that drives the global Islamic movement isn’t actually jihad. It is the goal to implement global Sharia law. Jihad is the tactic that is employed via various kaleidoscopic forms by the different groups that are all seeking the same thing.

“Boko Haram, Tablighi Jamaat, Hezbollah, Hamas – they all have exactly the same goal, and that is to fully implement the law of Allah.”

As a counter-terrorism analyst, Haney was noted for his meticulous and prolific intelligence gathering and analysis. He credits some of this to his initial background as an entomologist.

“Two qualifications of an entomologist that have applications to counter-terrorism are close attention to detail and observation of behavior,” he told Gaffney.

He also compared the hunt for terrorists to finding where ants come from.

“I’d follow the trail and I would find the nest,’ he said. “In counter-terrorism you do the same thing.”

But Haney’s determination to follow the evidence wherever it led created opposition from a politically correct administration that made him the subject of nine investigations. In “See Something, Say Nothing,” he provides an eyewitness account of events inside the Boston Marathon bombing investigation and the Obama administration’s quashing of a case he developed that possibly could have prevented the San Bernardino massacre.

Immigration jihad

He explained that mass immigration is a doctrine of Islam, known as hijra, to help bring the entire world under Islamic law.

“The type we’re most familiar with is jihad by the sword, but it is by no means the only form of jihad,” he explained. “People who are Muhajirun, people who immigrate to a foreign country for the sake of implementing Islam, receive the same reward in heaven as those who fight with the gun. It’s an implicit understanding. They know from the time they were children, if they immigrate, if they became Muhajirun, they are guaranteed the same reward as the Mujahedeen, the ones who fight with guns.”

Such a tactic can be seen in the dramatic demographic changes in Europe in the past decade, which has witnessed a steady stream of immigrants from Islamic nations who have largely refused to assimilate.

Haney also drew attention to the declared intentions of the Muslim Brotherhood, which has wielded influence within the White House itself.

“The point of the Muslim Brotherhood is to implement Shariah law, starting in their own homeland and then working out from there,” he explained. “If you look at their logo, you’ll see it has two crossed swords. That means implementation and enforcement of jihad internally and implementation or promotion of jihad externally.”

The Muslim Brotherhood, said Haney, even declares its threatening nature to the world.

“If you look at the word at the bottom of their logo, it means ‘prepare,’” he said. “That is derived directly from Quran 8:60, “Prepare yourself to terrify your enemy.’ If people say that terrorism is not in the Quran, they are not telling you the truth, because the word ‘turhibuna’ is in the Quran and it means to terrify. It is actually part of the logo or the motto of the Muslim Brotherhood. They say that dying for the faith of Allah is their highest aspiration. And that jihad is a high calling. That is part of their motto as well. So this group that we have been told repeatedly is a moderate peaceful representation of the religion of Islam is by no means peaceful.”

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3 thoughts on “DHS agent: West blind to ‘jihad through immigration’

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  2. everything islam/muslims do is on purpose; every step they take is thoroughly on their plan to take over our country; the fact that they are so deeply engrained in our government is very sad. obama is to blame for this as he thwarts any efforts to stop the spread of islam and terrorism.

  3. No the lift is NOT blind to emigration jihad. They KNOW EXACTLY what it is. liberals are using mulsims to MURDER the people both groups HATE. That being Christians, Jews conservatives, and Americans in general. liberals think they can keep their hands clean by USING muslims to do their dirty work. What liberals REFUSE to understand or accept is that the muslims will MURDER the liberals also.

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