Michigan: “Arab Student Union” off to rocky start at Dearborn-area high school

Rocky – as in breaking the rules, challenging school administrators and making other group members fearful of attacks if they don’t agree with leadership. Coming to a school near you soon. via: Arab Student Union off to rocky start at Crestwood High School   h/t Dee

DEARBORN HEIGHTS — Tensions are growing between a group of students affiliated with the Arab Student Union (ASU) at Crestwood High School and its administration, as the school year draws to a close.

ASU was officially introduced at Crestwood just a few weeks ago, following months of delays from the Crestwood School Board and the high school’s administrators.

They had initially delayed the launch of the group because of a moratorium passed more than 10 years ago that aimed to halt any new student organizations from being started, due to budgeting issues.

After a lengthy process between the school board and local attorneys who were persistent with the district, the ASU was finally approved after a Crestwood teacher agreed to sponsor it.

[Note how no other student group was permitted in the last ten years, but suddenly after lawyers intervened, the supremacists got their “Arab” student group. Muslims don’t follow kaffir rules and will use our own laws to subjugate us.]

However, it appears the organization is already off to a rocky start.

Last week, members of the ASU plastered flyers all over the school to promote their first meeting, violating a rule that limits one flyer per organization on the school’s bulletin boards. ASU flyers were also inserted into every locker during after school hours.

The following morning, teachers and students were agitated that the group had disregarded the school’s rules and began tearing the flyers down.

On Friday, May 27, Crestwood High School Principal John Tafelski prohibited ASU President Mohamed Hojaj, a senior, from entering the school as a punishment for violating the rules.

Seniors had already finished their school year; Hojaj was told not to return until graduation day.

In a stand of solidarity with Hojaj, ASU members held their first meeting outside of the school. A video uploaded to Facebook shows dozens of students sitting outside of the high school as Hojaj declared the administration was targeting the group because they were “Arab.”

Hojaj told The AANews that he wasn’t informed of any rules regarding how to market a student organization and was only told not to place flyers on the walls. He called the excessive plastering of ASU flyers throughout the school as a “unique” way to market the group to other students.

“I was only trying to think of effective ways to advertise our group,” he said. “[Principal Tafelski] could’ve said what we did was wrong and just given us a warning. Many people feel he did this because he’s unsympathetic towards Arabs. He’s even tried to persuade students to drop out of the ASU.”

Local attorney Tarek Baydoun, who represented the group when it was trying to get approval at the school board meetings, said he sat down with Tafelski to try to ease tensions with the ASU. However, they did not come to a resolution.

Baydoun questioned whether there was prejudice in Tafelski’s decision to ban Hojaj from the school in a Facebook post.

“These Arab students are being treated differently because the club is promoting Arabism and heritage,” Baydoun said. “And that is not politically convenient for the powers currently in charge at Crestwood. The denial and consequent degradation of an individual’s national and genealogical heritage is perhaps the worst form of racism. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a ‘nice’ way to change the political equation at Crestwood at this time.”

However, it appears not all of the Arab students share the same sentiments. After the ASU walkout caused a splash on social media, Crestwood student Nour Ali, a junior, came to Tafelski’s defense.

“Mr. Tafelski has sat down with Arab parents, with a translator if need be, to encourage them to send off their children to Ivy [League] schools rather than limiting them to colleges nearby,” Ali said on Facebook. “Tafelski has fought for us to have a wider variety of AP and honors classes. He has fought for us to be welcomed, all the while receiving his PhD and raising his daughter with his Iranian wife.”

Ali told The AANews that she was initially involved in the ASU a few months ago, while students were trying to get the club approved. However, she noted that she no longer affiliates with it because she feels it is “misguided.”

She said she’s been subjected to criticism from ASU members for not standing with them. She noted that many Arab students who are not affiliated with the ASU are upset that the group is trying to pull the race card when it is not warranted.

“I had a lot of students message me who say they support what I say, but they won’t openly admit it because they are worried about being attacked,” Ali said. “There are more people supporting my perspective than there are people who are saying untrue things about our principal.”

An outpouring of support for Tafelski was evident on Facebook within the days that followed. A group called “Standing with Tafelski” has attracted close to 700 members, many of whom are parents who have strongly opposed the ASU’s positioning.

“As a proud American-Arab, I am so extremely embarrassed by the acts and behaviors of members of this community,” said Halla Jomaa, a local parent. “They are turning it into a situation of the ‘Arab kid’ versus the ‘White principal’… Please. Get off your high horses, people and have some respect for rules and administration.”

Why would Arabs attack each other? Who is instilling fears of attacks on whom? Are Muslims pulling a power move on the non-Muslim Arabs? Either way the supremacist nature of Arab Muslim immigrants – be it first, second or third generation – will only grow stronger as the population grows.

This sentence hints that the group’s purpose was always about Islam:

Hojaj said the intention of introducing the ASU at the high school was to combat the misconceptions that many non-Arab students have about Islam and the Arab culture.

15 thoughts on “Michigan: “Arab Student Union” off to rocky start at Dearborn-area high school

  1. If our leaders continue to allow these people to gain more and more power then eventually we will lose total control of the situation. Islam will rule over us someday soon.

  2. They are right. These students are indeed being treated differently from other students. They hve been granted an exception to the “no new student group” rule. As an appreciative act for this special treatment they proceeded to break school rules by passing out flyers. Their permission for a new club should be suspended.

  3. “Rocky – as in breaking the rules, challenging school administrators and making other group members fearful of attacks if they don’t agree with leadership.”
    Like wow, it’s like they are following the Profit’s game plan…

  4. Haven’t the young people of Dearborn learned anything? It was their violence that got the yearly Arab festival ended…most likely, permanently, as the cost of insurance was driven up! Please, follow the rules, they don’t sound unfair.

  5. “Hojaj said the intention of introducing the ASU at the high school was to combat the misconceptions that many non-Arab students have about Islam and the Arab culture.”
    WELL,There’s a surprise. Another CAIR franchise.

  6. I hope every Indonesian student _whose country is a moslem majority one_ studying in this university never behaves in any manner unconducive to the university’s administration and ideals.

    I want him or her to be a thankful student ever being able to study in the US and in one of the nation’s universities

    I once read about a Middle Eastern refugee defecating a swimming pool in Germany.

  7. It’s clear to me that the ‘fox has entered the henhouse’ and the ‘cat is out of the bag’! Ten years from now, if this website is still allowed to publish, someone will read my comments and say, ‘he/ she was right, we were doomed way back in 2016’! I pray to God that I am wrong, but if there’s one thing you can’t fix, it’s willful ignorance. I’m afraid we have lived in a state of denial for so long that most people, who claim to be GOOD Americans, simply can’t see anything wrong at all with allowing Muslims to propagate and expand their radical venomous philosophy of hatred and bigotry! We are now a society of the blind leading the blind! Again, I pray to God that I’m wrong! I believe, without the direct intervention of Almighty God, we will not see 50 more years of freedom in this great land! And actually, my gut feeling is that we don’t have more than 10 or 15. Someday people will understand loud and clear, that when you give “equal rights” to the DEVIL, he steals all of your rights–and your wrongs too!!!

    On Fri, Jun 10, 2016 at 1:15 PM, Creeping Sharia wrote:

    > creeping posted: ” Rocky – as in breaking the rules, challenging school > administrators and making other group members fearful of attacks if they > don’t agree with leadership. Coming to a school near you soon. via: Arab > Student Union off to rocky start at Crestwood High Sch” >

  8. United State Constitution forbids Shiria law! Their is only one law in America and that’s our constitution. Our country was founded on Christian Judao values and Americans will not give it up to Islum!

  9. First off, there is no religion allowed in any schools in the U.S. our children and grandchildren cannot even say the pledge of allegiance any more. So if this is a religion based club it should be banned from school grounds.
    According to our leaders and the school board NO, NOT A ONE, NO HOW AND NO WAY is Christian religion allowed in school so neither should those “kill everyone’s” religion be allowed on school grounds.

    • @Jimbo66. OK, so you seem to have bought into all of the restrictions against religion in American society. WELL NOT ME!!!! Not for nothin’, but we ARE a Christian nation–at least we WERE!!! Our country is/ was founded on Judaeo-Christian ethics and values! Every major American school and/ or university was dedicated to the glory of God and to the Christian faith, at its founding! Article 3 of our Bill of Rights guarantees that Congress shall not show respect toward any “religion” nor PROHIBIT the FREE EXERCISE thereof. There is reference to the Almighty written in every State Constitution! Our Declaration of Independence refers to THE CREATOR as the One who has established “certain unalienable rights”. Yes, we are people of faith in God’s divine sovereignty–NOT TO BE CONFUSED with people who are members of self-serving cults and/ or diabolical false religious doctrines! It’s very simple to the ones who are NOT self-serving–God, the Almighty Creator and Sustainer of the universe, is the Author of our FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS! We owe Him our respect and worship out of sheer gratitude! That’s it in a nutshell! This business of banning the name of God from everything in our society is DEMONIC and is the root cause of the current mess that we’re in. OK, so where do muslims and the aberrant doctrines of mohammed (intentional lower-case) come into play here? THEY DON’T–unless they acknowledge the Bible (and the God of the Bible) as the True and Living way of Life that has been revealed to mankind–to the exclusion of all other false gods, to and including the allah-god! I challenge anyone to show me how mohammedanism is a reputable and beneficent “religion”–IT IS A DEATH-CULT OF THE HIGHEST ORDER! The words, “self-serving” don’t come close to describing it! As a nation, we are “damned” close to inciting the Wrath of God upon ourselves by forsaking the God of our fathers! Yes, GOD belongs in our society! He belongs in our schools, our churches and synagogues, our businesses, our families and in our HEARTS!!! “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him, should not perish, but have everlasting life…” WOW–SUCH LOVE!!!!!

  10. The most racist and bigoted people are those who somehow feel above the “law” of the land or rules of a school or district. When you cite your difference as something which allows you to act outside the rules already in place, you are the worst kind of bigot.

    Citing your, race, creed, color, sex, age, religion or national origin to violate democratic principles through forms of civil disobedience is against the nature of our Constitution, our principles, and rights as a free people. A person’s rights only extend as far as they do not infringe on the rights of another. This is as self evident as the preamble to our Constitution implies.

    I may not agree with what you say, but will defend to my death your right to say it. However, attempt to force me to agree, I will fight to YOUR death, not to.

    Just sayin

  11. The day of reckoning shall come, & with that there will be the inevitable voice that cracks the silence of freedom of speech from the flash of a 100M muzzle breaches, casting the violators of this countries Constitutional Laws back to it’s barbaric land & time once again as so happened many times in history to start once again on it’s adolescent rampage to be seen as a legitimate threat once again in time to mask it’s inferior stronghold as a gripping chokehold, yet is merely a 2 fingered loosely stroked ejaculation around a miniature inferior flaccid penis of the musselium man-lesshood.

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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