Video: Stop Muslim Migration

5 thoughts on “Video: Stop Muslim Migration

  1. I have never felt so proud of a nation of people as I just witnessed, and it’s not my USA that made me feel so proud. It’s the Polish citizens against Muslims. Go to this link and watch 150,000 Polish Nationalists march against muslim immigration. My heart applauded them. The amount of people marching and all of the hundreds of Polish flags.. that should be thousands of Polish flags carried by their citizens. I still can’t believe that we never heard about this. this took place on 11-11-15… like 7 months ago. At the beginning of this video, the people are spread apart quite a bit, but from the 7 minute mark and on, they are packed! Please go watch this. We as a nation against Islamic horrors should have that many people or more marching in DC. Please pass this on to every one and show them how “we” should be doing this same thing!!!! (this video is more than an hour long) skip ahead to the 30 minutes mark and see how the street is just filled with citizens of Poland… 150,000 Polish citizens… WoW… the flags, the people… that should be us people!


  2. May God Bless the Polish Nationalists & keep them
    Safe. They have proven that they know the terror that is waiting for them from the Muslim invasion. I doubt that I could get 100 Americans together to march against the Muslim & Illegal Invasion in the US. In one of our Calif.Cities, a young White boy was chased down by a Black & Brown Mob, while idle Police & firemen refused to help. The same thing happened to a young White girl, walking from a Trump rally to her hotel. The cowardly hotel manager would not let her in& allowed the mob to abuse her. God help the spineless Americans & may God Bless the Polish Patriots.

  3. Just a note to anyone else on twitter. My telling the world about the danger of Sharia and to spread the word about outlawing Islam in USA and to vote for TRUMP has me baned from twitter.

  4. The president just spoke of the attack in Orlando and never once said one word about the killer being a Muslim or that all Islam hates and kills gay people what a cock sucker Hillary wants 100,000 more MUSLIMS this year outlaw ISLAM IN all America

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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