Orlando Jihad: 49 Killed by Muslim Omar Mateen, Visited Saudi Arabia, Known to FBI (updated)

He was known to the FBI since 2013!! Correction, he killed 49 and was then killed.

A registered Democrat, he voted in 2008 and again in 2014.

Source: Omar Mateen — Terrorist Was 29-Year-Old Islamic Radical (PHOTO) | TMZ.com

There are now reports Omar Mateen called 911 and pledged his allegiance to ISIS before carrying out the deadly shooting. He also mentioned the Boston Marathon bombing.

ISIS is taking credit for the attack, saying, “a soldier of the Islamic State has carried out the attack.”update_grey_gray_bar

The killer in the Orlando nightclub slaughter is 29-year-old Omar Mateen. TMZ has done a records search and found he held a Florida security officer license and a state firearms license.

Omar Siddiqui (alt Seddique/Saddiqui) Mateen

He’s an American citizen and he has family that are not — his parents are Afghan. Authorities say he was a terrorist and was targeting gays. They say in addition to terrorism this is a hate crime.

Authorities also believe he is part of the radical Islam movement, although they do not know if it was an organized attack or if he was a lone wolf. Authorities also believe Mateen specifically targeted a gay club.

Mateen’s father told NBC News, “This has nothing to do with religion.” He says his son became angry after seeing 2 men kissing a few months ago in Miami, and he speculates that could have triggered his decision to kill.

Law enforcement says Mateen was well prepared, with an assault weapon, a handgun and 2 suspicious devices.

The NYPD tells TMZ, Mateen has no association with the department, and that the shirts he was photographed in were unofficial garments that could be purchased at any store.

50 people were murdered and another 53 injured inside Pulse nightclub in Orlando. It’s the biggest slaughter at the hands of a gunman in American history.

Police descended on Mateen’s home to search shortly after the massacre.

The killer visited Saudi Arabia for the hajj pilgrimage:  Orlando Gunman Omar Mateen ‘Cool and Calm’ During Negotiations

Amid an ongoing investigation into a possible motive, Orlando Police Chief John Mina gave more details Monday on the run-up to the SWAT raid that ended the crisis.

There was talk of “bombs and explosives” — plus a reference to ISIS, according to Mina.

Federal officials told NBC News that Mateen went to Saudi Arabia in 2011 and 2012 — but said it was not immediately clear what he was doing there.

A spokesman for Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of the Interior, though, told NBC News that Mateen visited to perform a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Mateen first came to the FBI’s attention in 2013 after co-workers reported he’d made “inflammatory” comments to them about radical Islamic propaganda.

A year later the FBI looked into him again because of his ties to an American who traveled to the Middle East to become a suicide bomber. Agents determined contact there was minimal and Mateen was not under surveillance on Sunday, when he carried out the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

Law enforcement sources earlier told NBC News that Mateen swore allegiance to the leader of ISIS in a 911 call moments before the rampage at Pulse.

However, law enforcement officials have said there was not yet any indication Mateen was in touch with terrorists overseas or that the attack was directed by anyone else.

Another mayor who will do nothing to protect the citizens of his city and has no clue how to respond to Islamic terror:

As the investigation continued officials were working to notify victims’ next-of-kin. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said 48 of the 49 victims had been identified and 24 next of kin had been contacted.

“We will not be defined by the act of a cowardly hater,” Dyer told a press conference. “We will be defined by how we respond.

More via Washington Post:

Sometime after 2 a.m. Sunday, Omar Mateen dialed Orlando’s 911 service to alert the dispatcher to the carnage unfolding at one of the city’s most popular gay bars. He spelled out his full name and location, and then he offered an explanation: He was a follower of the Islamic State.

By 5 a.m., Mateen lay dead, killed in a gun battle with police in a violent finale to the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. But while the enormity of the crime was quickly apparent, authorities were just beginning to sort through the jumble of motives that may have led the 29-year-old immigrant’s son to open fire on scores of young men and women inside the Pulse nightclub.

…Mateen claimed allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi…

Mateen appears to have lived a relatively quiet life, as a security guard and father of a young son who kept a modest two-bedroom condominium in Fort Pierce, a town on east Florida’s central coast.

Born in New York, he was the son of an Afghan immigrant who moved his family to Florida when Mateen was a child. The older Mateen would eventually open a business and attempt to dabble in Afghan politics from afar, starting a YouTube channel in Florida in which he sometimes expressed favorable views about the Taliban.

Mateen would spend his youth and young adulthood in Florida, attending a local high school and obtaining an associate’s degree in criminal justice from nearby Indian River State College in 2006, according to college spokeswoman Michelle Abaldo.

But there also were early signs of emotional trouble and a volatile temper, according to Sitora Yusifiy, who was briefly married to Mateen. Yusifiy described Mateen as an abusive husband who beat her repeatedly while they were married.

“He was not a stable person,” she told The Washington Post. “He beat me. He would just come home and start beating me up because the laundry wasn’t finished or something like that.”

one friend said Mateen became steadily more religious after his divorce and went on a religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.

“He was quite religious,” said the friend, who also spoke on the condition of anonymity. Yet, he added, if Mateen had sympathies for the Islamic State or other terrorist groups, he never mentioned them.

For several years, Mateen regularly attended the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce and was there as recently as two days ago, said Imam Shafiq Rahman on Sunday.

The imam said Mateen’s father and young son would pray with him, and Mateen’s three sisters were active volunteers at the mosque, which had about 150 congregants.

via What We Know So Far About Omar Siddiqui Mateen, the Orlando Nightclub Gunman

Authorities have identified the gunman as 29-year-old Omar Siddiqui Mateen, and said he was killed in a shootout with police inside the club at around 5am. Details about Mateen are still emerging, but here’s what we know so far:

The Islamic State’s Amaq news agency said on Sunday afternoon that Mateen was a “fighter” for the militant group, but it’s still unclear whether the group was in direct contact with Mateen or if he was merely inspired by them.

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