Muslim convert arrested, posted mass jihad threats on two Oklahoma City malls


Source: Man arrested after allegedly posting threatening messages at two Oklahoma City malls |

OKLAHOMA CITY – A metro man is behind bars after allegedly posting terroristic threats to a social media site.

Authorities said the post by 28-year-old Brian Carey led to several people being concerned about their safety at a pair of Oklahoma City malls.

“Judgement day will come this week at the Penn Square Mall and outlet mall. May Allah be with those who believe and there will be mass bloodshed and horror as I Allah will take vengeance on the scumdogs of the western world,” the post read.

“Officers were able to make contact with this individual later on in the afternoon, a little bit after 6 p.m. and he was arrested at his home,” said Sgt. Ashley Peters with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Carey was then booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on a charge of terrorism hoax.

On Thursday, authorities served a search warrant at Carey’s home.

[Comment/lies from terror-linked, FBI-banned, terror-listed group CAIR removed]

So far, authorities have not found anything at Carey’s home, but the investigation is still open.

3 thoughts on “Muslim convert arrested, posted mass jihad threats on two Oklahoma City malls

  1. Oh, that’s OK! Nothing serious. Just a Muslim releasing a little tension due to workplace stress. Won’t be long now and Obama will have a large group of these guys visiting the White House, whining about how they feel justified in threatening and murdering us because we don’t treat them right. The president will then move each one into his own home, completely furnished…food, car and bills paid, and a nice allowance for recreation. (I’m being sarcastic but from the way O panders to them, this may be realistic soon.)

  2. Obama is going to get everyone killed while he keeps telling us how peaceful this so called religion is . Cair can come out can make sure no one takes anything out on any Muslim to bad CAIR does not care if anyone else but, Muslims get hurt. But, by all means Liberals make some excuses for them don’t make them take any responibility for their actions .Of course Lynch in the government could threaten everyone again .

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