First sharia-compliant airline shut down in less than a year, breached aviation regulations

Sharia fail once again. via: Malaysia shuts down first sharia-compliant airline for breaching aviation regulations, less than a year after take-off  h/t TheReligionOfPeace

Rayani Air, Malaysia’s first Islamic-compliant airline, has been shut down, regulators said on Monday, months after it was suspended from flying for breaching aviation regulations.

The carrier launched only in December with Muslim flight crew wearing the hijab while non-Muslim members were forbidden from wearing revealing clothing. In-flight meals were completely halal and alcohol consumption banned.

But after an “investigation into the administration and safety audit” of the airline, the Department of Aviation (DCA) said it has revoked Rayani’s Air Operator Certificate.

The DCA launched an inquiry into the airline in April following a string of criticisms from passengers and the government over delays and last-minute cancellations.

That month saw pilots of the carrier, which operates two Boeing 737-400s, also go on strike over unpaid wages, further damaging its image.

DCA director-general Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said the government took the step to cease Rayani’s operation because “safety and security of the aviation industry is of paramount importance”.

The decision comes two years after Malaysia faced twin aviation disasters.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down in July 2014 over rebel-held eastern Ukraine in a missile strike, killing all 298 people on board.

Australia is leading the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in the remote Indian Ocean, where the Beijing-bound plane is believed to have diverted when it disappeared on March 8, 2014 carrying 239 passengers and crew.

2 thoughts on “First sharia-compliant airline shut down in less than a year, breached aviation regulations

  1. Islam is a cult of hate and misogeny. How can we allow their distain for any law other than their own, to go unanswered. Guess what happened within six months of the opening of the muslim temple a few blocks from my home. They do not recognize an obligation to stop at stop sign or stop lights. We cannot go three blocks without someone running through an intersection. There are little clumps of flowers, candles and toys up and down the streets where someone has died in an accident. We have had a man murder his wife. Two sons murder their parents. We have a fleet of little community service cars invade the neighborhood. I would welcome a halfway house, convicted felons, sex offenders and hells angles over one muslim famly. Thank god we don’t have children. How stupid are we to throw away our freedom, personal safety, peace of mind to these poisonious invaders, intolerant rapists, murders and preachers of hate. We offer them succor and we are offering to change laws, behavior and speech for people who are systematically destroying all evidence of other beliefs around the world.

  2. I’d say it’s a good bet that, aside from many of the muslim women, who essentially suffer from “battered women syndrome”, MUZZLUMZ inherently submit to NO ONE and NO LAWS–b/c they all see themselves as prima donnas who ARE ABOVE THE LAW! Sharia law is by no means a restriction or deterrent to evil for most muslims–it’s a license to live like animals! It’s a proven fact that sharia “law” actually encourages lawlessness and crime! It’s a classic case of the ‘fox guarding the henhouse’!!!!!

If sharia law continues spreading, you'll have less and less freedom of speech - so speak while you can!

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