London’s 1st Muslim Mayor Segregates Muslim Women at Rally, Bans Sexy Ads

If it walks like sharia law and talks like sharia law…creep, creep.

Source: Women Segregated at London Mayor’s Rally – Andre Walker

MANCHESTER, United Kingdon – Women were segregated from men at a rally addressed by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan yesterday. Mr Khan was photographed addressing the crowd with men at the front and women at the back.

The rally took place in the Northern City of Manchester, which is home to a large Pakistani Muslim population. It was part of the ‘Stronger In’ Battlebus tour, currently traveling around the country encouraging voters to support British membership of the EU at next weeks referendum.

Photos from the event show a ring of men at the front with the women further behind. There is no suggestion they were forcably segregated, but the Mayor did not intervene to prevent the women standing at the back.

It is not uncommon for women and men to be separated in Mosques but this incident will be seen as significant after Mr Khan received criticism for banning an advert earlier this week. The advert depicted a woman in a bikini, something that is banned under Sharia Law.

Khan claimed the reason for the ban was that it served to “which can demean people, particularly women, and make them ashamed of their bodies.” As reported on TownHall, the Mayor has also ordered an audit of all adverts on the London Transport network in order to root out anything deemed to promote “unhealthy or unrealistic body images.”


It is not clear whether the ban will only include those wearing clothes he deems inappropriate or whether it will be extended to include anything else that promotes unhealthy lifestyles such as fast food restaurants.

The Mayor is a controversial figure in the UK not least because he is a close friend of Babar Ahmad, a convicted Al-Qaeda terrorist. Mr Ahmad was supported by Khan as he fought an eight-year campaign against extradition to the US to face charges of “conspiracy and providing material to support to terrorism.”

During his eight year fight to remain in the UK Mr Ahmad was kept in a maximum-security British prison. When he was deported to the US he immediately pleaded guilty to the charges, which related to the establishment of jihadi fundraising websites. In December 2013 he was sentenced to twelve and a half years in solitary confinement but has since been returned to the UK.


8 thoughts on “London’s 1st Muslim Mayor Segregates Muslim Women at Rally, Bans Sexy Ads

    • Some people ‘with the Word’ may understand what this means. In Scripture, it’s all boiled out in Zechariah 14. The mass of UK is ‘without the Word’ and they are being as victorpinag said in his ‘a’ choice: native britain people become stupid. In my words, they are ‘dumb on purpose.’ USA dummies elect an Islamite to immigrate zillions of other Islamites that will DESTROY THE USA CONSTITUTION WITHIN THE NEXT 50 YEARS or sooner. If I’m not on Muslim Brotherhoods hit list………………

  1. I’m going to ask again, Are There Any White British people living in London? This is similar to Washington, DC where mostly Blacks live, so the most corrupt are the victors in any election.
    This member of the Khan Tribe is just one of the troublesome Khans who have invaded Britain, US & other countries. We have the displeasure of having Shad Khan & Tribe in Florida. Good Luck with your Khan.

  2. Why did Brits fought Germans so bravely in 2 wars when now they are going to surrender to medieval primitive philosophy of Islam without the fight?

  3. This should be enough to recall him – do they even do that in Britain? White women in the back of the bus in their own country! Second-class citizens! (Do they get a tax-break for getting fewer services? NO!!! You bet they pay the same as the men, for fewer services.) Imbeciles!!!

  4. This is no surprise because the Muslim in the White House is pulling the same thing. Not only has he thrown the border with Mexico wide open but in addition he is bringing in as many Muslims as he possibly
    can before his term is up…then he can sit back to watch the damage he has caused.

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