25 Minutes of a Twin Falls, Idaho Council Meeting is a Microcosm of What We Are Up Against

IOTWReport.com comments on and titles a Creeping Sharia post that went viral this weekend.

It starts with a report of a 5 year-old young girl who was purportedly raped by 3 Syrian refugee boys, 8, 10 and 13.

They dragged her into a laundry room by knifepoint and the 13 year-old raped her and then instructed the other two to do the same while he videoed it. The younger boys were too young to ejaculate, so they urinated on her.

The crime was discovered in progress and the parents of both the victim and the savages were called. Purportedly, upon arrival, the father hi-fived the 13 year-old.

The citizens of Twin Falls confront their council about this. All of them sit there like a-holes and tell the people that they aren’t even aware of the incident.

One fat bastard grills a concerned citizen and demands to know if she is part of a coordinated group, asking her how many members her group has. When she says she is not part of a group he snipes, “oh, you just all showed up coincidentally?”

She says, “how bizarre, citizens happen to have the same concerns.”

He ends his time by putting into the record that at a different meeting one woman stood up and said she was a white supremacist and was speaking on behalf of white people, inferring that any concerns about Muslim refugee settlements means you’re an ally of, and speak on behalf of, white supremacy.

The council, these fart-cupping jerks, hold a unilateral minority opinion, not caring at all about the concerns of the majority of the people.

Who do these thugs think they are??

Here’s the video: (link to original and link to alternative)

*Youtube has removed the damning evidence of a biased, or worse, city council.

The city council directed some citizens to the refugee agencies, but again, as reported by citizens, they are as helpful and abusive as some members of the city council:

(names, photos and contact info at this link CSI Refugee Center )

Just called the Refugee Center at (208) 736-2166: the lady who answered was very rude and would not even provide me her name. I asked her simple questions in a respectful manner like “how many refugees are currently in Twin Falls”, where are the majority from”, how many are males between 15-50, are you aware of the alleged rape of an American underage citizen by 3 refugee boys?

She did not answer any of these questions or even try to point me in the direction of where to find the answers. Something strange is going on there and they are not forthcoming at all with the community. She was very defensive and even combative.

Citizens might want to learn more about the center and who operates it, where they get funding and how many Muslims they’ve flooded Twin Falls and surrounding areas with. Refugee Resettlement Watch is a good place to start your research by clicking here..

It’s not just Idaho either.This is happening in towns and cities across America. Like Rutland, Vermont, where the mayor planned in secret (but not alone) and forced 100 Muslim “refugees” on the tiny town. He and those making money off of refugees also ignored the concerns and well-being of citizens.


8 thoughts on “25 Minutes of a Twin Falls, Idaho Council Meeting is a Microcosm of What We Are Up Against

  1. How do we stop this insanity? Many/some of us know that we are being deliberately “seeded” with these refugees–just like Europe! However, our elected officials will not listen to us. Our government has been hijacked and they are setting us up for slaughter. I, personally, do not know how to wake people up to this fact. The reality is that I have in my sphere TWO, yes, TWO and only two individuals that I can talk to that “get” it (other than my husband). I work in an institution that is a breeding ground for the propaganda that is being steadily fed to the American people. HOW do we turn this around?? HOW do we stop it?

  2. And the Mayor, the elected supervisor of the sheriff’s dept. has not been made aware of this atrocity in his town?
    If the citizens of Twin Falls want to remedy their situation, they’d do far better to elect a team of councillors with the intelligence, integrity and courage to address the issues, than continue to pussy-foot with the current administration.

    • Horror and Hush-Up in Twin Falls, Idaho

      The people who should have been asking tough questions — like, you know, mainstream journalists — have spent more time attacking local whistleblowers and bloggers than they have spent demanding answers and holding public officials accountable.

      Instead, the “professional journalists” dwelt on a few early factual errors about whether the boys were from Syria and whether a knife was used — and filled their dismissive articles with “can’t we all just get along” propaganda from refugee resettlement advocates and contractors with vested financial interests in the game.

      Thank goodness there are Americans still fighting against the collective shrug of sovereignty surrender. Louder, please.

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