Florida: 3 Muslims Busted in Homestead Food Stamp Fraud, 4 at Large


Source: Food stamp scheme foiled in Homestead

HOMESTEAD, Fla. – Three men are in custody, and four remain at large in connection to a food stamp fraud at a Save Way Food Market, Homestead police said.

The arrests happened Wednesday and are the result of a a three year investigation by Homestead police, the Florida Department of Financial Services and the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office.

The offices were investigating unlawful trafficking and fraudulent use of  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, and electronic benefit transfer, or EBT cards at store, located in the 700 block of Southwest Eighth Avenue.

The scam would work by a food stamp recipient coming into the store and telling the owner or an employee that they’d like to trade their food stamp in for cash, police said.

The customers would then be offered 50 cents on the dollar, a police report said, and then the employee or owner would query the recipients EBT card to determine the balance.

Jamil Hasan, Mohammad Jamil Hasan and Nabil Jamil Hasan were arrested on charges of racketeering, conspiring to racketeering and organizing a scheme to defraud.

Nabil Jamil Hasan and Mohammad Nabil Jamil Hasan were also arrested on public assistance fraud charges.

Four men remain at large: Fahmi Muhammad Husein, Abdalla Fahmi Husein, Mohammad Fahmi Husein and Adel Fahmi Husein, and face similar charges as the other men who were arrested.

Separately, up the road in Miami, Former DCF Worker Accused Of $1.3M Welfare Scam

MIAMI – A former employee of the Department of Children and Families has been arrested, accused of stealing $1.3 million in a welfare scam.

During her nine years as an eligibility caseworker and processor for DCF, prosecutors said Meera Khan used other people’s identities in order to get food stamps, the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office said.

Prosecutors said Khan worked with some businesses to convert the food stamps into cash, which she split with the businesses. Khan also is accused of collecting money in the form of supposed fees of various sorts for the processing and receipt of Florida Medicaid benefits, the State Attorney’s Office said.

Khan is accused of stealing a total of $1.3 million.

3 thoughts on “Florida: 3 Muslims Busted in Homestead Food Stamp Fraud, 4 at Large

  1. So another Khan, connected to the GOV,is being
    Scolded by the Authorities for Fraud.DCF, 1.+ Million Dollars. I wonder if Meera is related to Shad Khan of
    Jacksonville, Florida.(owner of the Black Majority NFL Team. The Khan Tribe has really discovered the land of Milk & Honey(Money). Another Crime Family living off of the Americans.

    • I can’t describe the utter contempt and vile disgust that these hateful reprobates invoke within me! Call me a racist–but it has nothing to do with RACE–it has everything to do with HUMANITY, OR THE TOTAL LACK THEREOF!!!!!

  2. Looks like it’s a “family” thing. Three were Hasan, and four were Husein. But what I don’t understand is why it took them 3 years to catch these crooks.

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