Pennsylvania: Muslim Abdul Wahi shoots cop in the face multiple times

Likely a prison convert to Islam. How many are roaming the streets, freed from prisons by Obama? This took place outside of Philly where the Muslims have a habit of trying to kill cops.


Abdul Wahi

via Officer Shot In Delco; Officials ID Suspect Taken Into Custody

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Authorities say a suspect is in custody after a police officer was shot several times in Delaware County Friday morning. The suspect was identified as Donte Brooks Island. It took about three hours for upwards of 200 police to track down and arrest the alleged shooter. Three others were taken into custody, but they have not yet been charged. The main suspect, though, is well known to law enforcement.

Island, who also goes by the name Abdul Wahi, lives in the Folcroft Station Apartments where police caught him allegedly smoking weed and dealing drugs.

It happened around 10 a.m. on Baltimore Avenue near Elmwood Avenue in Folcroft while the officer was conducting a drug investigation behind an apartment complex.

Authorities say the 25-year-old officer, identified as Christopher Dorman, was shot at least six times in the face, back and leg, and transported to Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital.

He was then airlifted to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in West Philadelphia.

Officials say Dorman is currently in critical, but stable condition.

“Thank God the officer was wearing his vest. It may have saved his life,” police said at an afternoon press conference. “His mother and father are here, they’re obviously upset,” said Folcroft Police Chief Robert Ruskowski.

Officer Dorman was with the department for a little over a year, authorities say.

“He’s a Folcroft resident. He is a Folcroft volunteer fireman, and then he became a police officer just a little over a year ago. He’s done nothing but serve his community constantly.”

Dorman was the first to arrive on the scene and was apparently ambushed by the shooter. A fellow officer, who was originally responding to the narcotics call, took to helping Dorman.

Doctors say that it is incredible that Dorman survived. “I was told by the doctors, thank God he had his vest on,” Ruskowski said. “So, apparently there may have been several shots into his vest.”

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan told reporters about Island’s prior criminal record.

“The defendant is a career criminal, is a drug dealer,” Whelan said. “He also has been convicted of firearms violations, has been serving a long sentence of approximately 15 years in the federal penitentiary and was only relatively recently released.”

A 25-year-old cop from just outside of Philadelphia was shot multiple times and left in critical condition after witnesses say…

CBS adds:

Island had served about nine years in federal prison on a gun conviction before his release in 2013. His parole officer requested an arrest warrant and revocation hearing in September after Island repeatedly tested positive for marijuana, which he said he used for stress, court records show. But the officer then had trouble finding Island at his listed Folcroft address, and there’s no sign the hearing occurred.

Island was arrested at the same address, an apartment house near the railroad tracks, Friday afternoon after police who had surrounded the building for several hours entered the unit.

Proving what liberals and leftists refuse to believe but is clear when gays, journalists and women are slaughtered by Muslims, the jihadists don’t discriminate as notes, Officer Dorman’s Father Is a Prominent Democrat. As one cop noted:

“To have an officer injured like this, never. I mean you know this is a wake up call for these small towns,” said Ruskowski.

If everyone from cops to the media are ignoring the Muslim angle, they’re either sound asleep or have their heads buried somewhere.

18 thoughts on “Pennsylvania: Muslim Abdul Wahi shoots cop in the face multiple times

  1. If the authorities are 100% sure that this man was the shooter, then after the trial this cops family should get to string him up and leave him for the birds to eat.

  2. it took 200 cops are you kidding FOR ONE SAVAGE BEAST OMFG but yet they want your guns, when 200 cops cant nail 1 FORKING SAVAGE BEAST WOW just FREAKING WOW !

    • So how do you prevent these a-holes from propagating and spreading their hate speech within the prisons??? You outlaw all islamic teaching and communication–JUST THE WAY THEY OUTLAW CHRISTIANITY IN MUSLIM COUNTRIES!!!! Sound like tyranny??? No, it’s the only SANE thing to do!!! To be sure, islam is by no means a PIOUS RELIGION–it’s a diabolical cult of blood and murder, disguising itself under a cloak of faux humility and putrid religiosity! And yes, ‘foxmuldar’, your brilliant point is well taken–of course islam is ‘soooo’ innocent and ‘peaceful’ and of course it’s those damned guns that go off all by themselves! Touché!!! Yeah, sure, of course! BUNCH O LYIN’ BASTARD MUZZIE FREAKS!!!!!

  3. If the muj states that it is in the name of Islam and Allah, then who are you to contradict him? I’m not sure where liberals get the arrogance or where they think they have the standing to contradict someone who states their faith is the driver behind their acts of violence. When are Democrats going to start to listen to the people who are sending us a message?

  4. I’m not stating that all Muslims commit violence but if a significant quadrant of Muslims are interpreting the message with acts of violence then Houston we have a problem that the liberals fail to compute at a baseline level.

  5. Thanks to CS once AGAIN for being the SOLE source of news about a key motivation of this shooter that every single news source saw fit to censor out – that the shooter identified as Muslim. It is blind to the point of delusional to say that this piece of information is not germane to the motivation of any violent act after Ft. Hood, TN, Orlando, CA, and the list goes on in the US alone. It is premature and bad journalism to omit a key reason that the shooter may be committing this violent act against a police officer.

  6. Yet each news outlet is reporting that Kenney Cheney stated offhand at his concert in Philly last night that the officer passed away, in his confusion over the event. That is headline news. Not that the shooter’s actual name is Abdul Wahi and he identifies as a Muslim who espouses violent ideas. Oh no.

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  8. The government ie Obama and his coven of muslim leaders. Want this to happen. They want the police to get so pissed off that they will shoot anyone. Then they plan on calling Martial Law. So that the police will be ready for the ugliness that will ensue. God please bless America. The whore of Babylon is gonna crumble beneath your feet. Pray for the souls of your children Lord. For we are all coming home soon! Amen

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