Do Loretta Lynch’s Ties with ‘Muslim Advocates’ Org Explain Her Whitewash of Jihad?

Source: Do Loretta Lynch’s Ties with ‘Muslim Advocates’ Org Explain Her Whitewash of Orlando? | PJ Media

By J. Christian Adams [bio]

Top Justice Department officials, including Attorney General Loretta Lynch, have worked with an organization dedicated to interfering with law enforcement efforts to monitor activities at the most radical mosques.

Lynch and DOJ Civil Rights Division head Vanita Gupta have appeared at gala events for an organization called Muslim Advocates. The George Soros-funded charity has badgered the New York City Police Department away from monitoring the most radical mosques in the city.

The organization is also responsible for rewriting training materials for federal law enforcement to decouple the role of radical Islam from terrorist acts. An inter-agency working group comprised of multiple federal law enforcement agencies in 2014 adopted this whitewash urged by Muslim Advocates.

The DOJ’s short-lived effort to airbrush Islam out of the 911 tapes from Orlando shows you how far they will go to twist the truth about what is causing these attacks. I appeared on Fox and Friends today to discuss the organization and the latest. (Video here).

Civil Rights Division head Gupta appeared at the sold-out annual gala event for Muslim Advocates in Millbrae, California. Muslim Advocates lobbies the administration heavily to oppose any link between terrorist acts and radical Islam, and opposes monitoring of radical mosques. Gupta told the crowd:

To anyone who feels afraid, targeted, or discriminated against because of which religion you practice or where you worship, I want to say this — we see you. We hear you. And we stand with you. If you ever feel that somehow you don’t belong, or don’t fit in, here in America, let me reassure you  you belong.

Muslim Advocates also conducts recruitment and training for lawyers designed to help FBI terrorist targets and interviewees navigate the interviews. Their annual report states:

Throughout the year we grew our internal volunteer referral list for FBI interviews. Today, the list is over 130 lawyers nationwide who are ready and able to assist community members contacted by the FBI.

The purported non-partisan tax exempt 501(c)(3) charity is conducting a campaign against corporations like Coca-Cola to hector them into not sponsoring the Republican convention in Cleveland.

Muslim Advocates gave Vanita Gupta their Thurgood Marshall Award “for her commitment to criminal justice reform and to holding perpetrators of anti-Muslim hate accountable at the California gala.

Attorney General Eric Holder also appeared at a Muslim Advocates gala event on December 10, 2010.

The DOJ’s Vanita Gupta appears to be following up on Muslim Advocates 2010 request to the DOJ to start enforcing sharia blasphemy laws.

As for Holder, he not only appeared at a Muslim Advocates event, he was the KEYNOTE SPEAKER! Then-AG Holder reassured Muslims, the DOJ focus is protecting Muslims and Arabs!

Loretta Lynch is following in Eric Holder’s corrupt footsteps. After her 911 Islamic whitewash, Lynch gave her own reassurance: AG Lynch to Muslim community: You ‘are under our protection’.

As Creeping Sharia has written about since at least 2010, the the infiltration operation is well-named: Muslim Advocates…for sharia law.

Muslim Advocates, the sister organization to the National Association of Muslim Lawyers (NAML). NAML, which aims to install Islamic elements into the American legal system, has close ties to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). NAML petitioned the U.S. Attorney General to remove both CAIR and ISNA from the list of co-conspirators named in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism case that went to trial in 2007.

On their website, Muslim Advocates has a “Community Alert” advising Muslims not to talk to the FBI:

Seek Legal Advice Before Talking to FBI

The FBI is contacting Pakistani, South-Asian and other Muslim Americans to solicit information and advice about addressing violent extremism.

Muslim Advocates strongly urges individuals not to speak with law enforcement officials without the presence or advice of an attorney.

Further, the group actually teaches Muslims how to avoid drawing the attention of the FBI working with the IRS and BBB to teach Muslims how to fulfill Islamic charitable funding ‘without drawing attention of the FBI’. Great advice for those Muslims dedicated to funding jihad, right?

Among the Muslim Advocates other openly Islamist efforts are:


Update: Muslim Advocates was exposed on Capitol Hill on 6/29/16 – read about it here.

2 thoughts on “Do Loretta Lynch’s Ties with ‘Muslim Advocates’ Org Explain Her Whitewash of Jihad?

  1. Simple, WHITE GENOCIDE is in progress, Founded & Funded by the last three political Crime Families. The
    Lyncher was selected to make sure that the Muslims succeed. The Lyncher is the LAW, & uses it against
    Only White People, so stay away from LEDs’.

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