Gender-segregated prayer room planned in Canadian PUBLIC school — for Muslim “refugees”

Faith Goldy doing what no one else in Canada has the courage to do. Source: UPDATE: Teachers plan gender-segregated Muslim prayer room in NB PUBLIC school — for students who refuse to learn English – The Rebel

Today, I’ll show you that at Fredricton High School, not just anyone can greet Syrian migrants. Documents reveal it has to be someone of the same gender.

What’s more, teachers devised floor plans for a prayer room — with dividers to make sure people of the opposite gender didn’t catch a glimpse of each other while praying.

In their emails between themselves, teachers admit the Syrian students have some “cultural confusion” over gender roles — but they’re set on carrying out some of the practices that led to such confusion in the first place.

And when it comes to the male migrants at Fredericton High, a refusal to Canadianize seems to be an all-to-common theme.

Scores of emails between teachers indicate an unwillingness of the migrants to so much as attempt to speak English.

Other migrants interrupt the teachers, overpowering them by speaking to the whole class in Arabic.

PS: SEE all my VIDEOS in this series by CLICKING HERE.

What’s happening in Canada is a glimpse of what will happen in U.S. schools next year, if it’s not happening already (see Minnesota).

6 thoughts on “Gender-segregated prayer room planned in Canadian PUBLIC school — for Muslim “refugees”

    • Until Westerners (particularly Canadians and Americans) begin to JUST SAY NO to ALL attempts to change our ways, our educational system and our cultural values, we can expect the muslims to obliterate everything that even RESEMBLES Western democracy! These COLONISTS will NEVER assimilate! And they DON’T WANT to learn our ways! All MUZZLUMZ are taught from the time of their birth, that they are SUPERIOR BEINGS! Islam is totally an EXCLUSIONARY TYRANNICAL way of life! There is NO DIALOGUE NOR COMPROMISING INTERACTION between MUZZLUMZ and freedom-loving people! They are determined to have it THEIR WAY OR NO WAY! If we don’t stop accommodating them and changing our cultural values and way of life to please them–THEY WILL DESTROY US!!!!!

  1. All Muslims love the Quran 9:29 “kill those who believe not in Allah.” I mean all but not all would do the act of killing but some…all love the sharia law also. “O Muslims do not take Jews and Christians for friends.” The Quran 5:51. We understand that not all the Muslims would literally follow the Book of the Quran but all Muslims think the Quran is the perfect words of Allah [god] for them. The Quran 3:10 say: the Muslims are the best of people ever raised up for mankind the Quran 3:10. That mean all other non Muslims are corrupt, evil, not worthy to lives. Killing non Muslims is a duty for them… We only need few percentage of Muslims who follow the Quran to be in a real mess. Like 10% out of 1000 Muslims would make 100 hard core criminals. But the one that open the door to bring them in are the government of Canada and the United Nations who are pushing their dirty agenda on us. Most people are ignorant of the Muslims movement. We I believe are being infiltrated from the head of Ottawa and down the chain like lawyers, doctors and work force by massive movement called Islam.

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