Illinois Governor Poised to Approve 21-Member Muslim Advisory Council?

Are there Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Atheist, etc. advisory councils? Source: Illinois Measure Would Create Advisory Council for Muslims – ABC News  h/t TROP

Illinois could become the first state in the U.S. with a law giving Muslim-Americans a formal voice in state government.

The Chicago Tribune ( ) reports that a bill approved by the Legislature would create a 21-member Illinois Muslim-American Advisory Council. It’s awaiting Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner’s signature. The governor’s office said he’s reviewing it.

Muslim leaders said it would send a welcoming message to Muslims. The governor and legislative leaders would appoint council members.

Kareem Irfan, a Chicago lawyer who led an earlier version of the council under Gov. Pat Quinn, said it would be good to have a lasting institutional body so the community is not subject to the whims of each governor.

“Given all that is going on with the misinterpretation about Islam and the interests and concerns of the Muslim-American community, it’s almost obligatory on behalf of a governor of this state and all governors to have such a body,” Irfan said.

More like hide the supremacist Islamic ideology…that frequently kills Americans.

Democratic Sen. Jacqueline Collins, a co-sponsor of the bill, said she hopes the council will be the first of many efforts to ensure that the governor considers minority perspectives.

Republican Rep. Barbara Wheeler voted against the bill last month. She said lawmakers shouldn’t be wasting their time on “feel-good” legislation when Illinois is approaching one year without a state budget.

“It’s not an anti-Muslim thing,” Wheeler said. “It’s the duty and responsibility of the Muslim-American community to figure out how to help us understand whom our enemies are. I don’t believe it’s the state of Illinois’ responsibility to do that.”

Boom. Conversely, it’s the state of Illinois’ responsibility to protect its citizens from Muslim terrorists, not allow them to infiltrate and dictate policy. Be sure the Hamas front group CAIR will be part of this group – at least one of their radical members is pictured on the existing site.

Illinois taxpayers, however, already pay for a government web page specifically for Muslims and on it there is a blatant historical lie about Thomas Jefferson. One that Barack Hussein Obama perpetuates regularly.


Governor’s “Iftar” Dinner

SPRINGFIELD – In 1805, Thomas Jefferson was the first U.S. President to observe Ramadan in the White House with a sunset dinner for Sidi Soliman Mellimelli, a Tunisian who was the first Muslim envoy to the United States.

We’ve posted on this Obama lie several times including:

Obama spreads false claim that Thomas Jefferson hosted first Ramadan iftar dinner at White House


The little White House lie: Thomas Jefferson hosted “iftar”

Read them and if you live in Illinois contact your elected officials.


11 thoughts on “Illinois Governor Poised to Approve 21-Member Muslim Advisory Council?

    • And we are very sorry about that…well, I am anyway. I didn’t vote for the traitor in chief, not in ’08 or in ’12, but I’ll still accept my guilt by association.

  1. It appears our dear Muslim leader has bought and paid for Illinois refugee program with taxpayers money. The Muslim population must be reaching critical mass. I cannot stomach the thought of buying any products from a state that has anything to do with the Muslim cult. Again just another reason to get legislation that removes the Muslim cult from all government positions and their supporters. Get this one done.

  2. we understand who the enemy is, the muslims; and they are trying to tell us who the enemy is??; they have it all backwards. what a bunch of idiots who fall for this folderol. now the enemy can tell the rest of them when to jump and how high. what a sorry mess obamaasshole has created in illinois and rest of the USA

  3. are tax payers paying these stealth jihadists to advance islam in our country? AND why is it that they cannot serve our country without others requiring councils? AND WHY ARE THERE NOT councils to represent others?

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  5. In the comment above, Counter Jihad already found one Muslim Brotherhood linked member:

    the Chicago Tribune reveals one such advocate for the legislation, Kareem Irfan, “a Chicago lawyer who led an earlier iteration of the council under Gov. Pat Quinn.” Irfan has also served on the national board of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

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