Florida: “Allah akbar” shouting teen threatens to ‘blow up’ woman, touts ‘his people’ responsible for Orlando

The Orlando Sentinel scrubbed the “Allah akbar” part via translation.

Source: [Muslim] Teen threatens to ‘blow up’ woman, touts ‘his people’ responsible for Pulse shooting – Orlando Sentinel

Residents of a Palm Bay neighborhood had a scare Wednesday when a teenager stood outside shouting that “his people were responsible for [the] Pulse shooting,” according to a police report.

About 9:30 p.m., a woman in the 200 block of Fernandina St. looked out her window and saw the male teen “chanting” and saying “he would kill [her] by blowing himself up.”

She called police and told them the teen then reportedly said he “either shot someone or that he [was] going to shoot someone,” according to dispatch records.

The caller and police said the teen chanted “God is greater” in Arabic and knelt “in the middle of the road as if in prayer.”

The teen allegedly punched a mailbox as the caller was on the line with dispatch.

The woman did not recognize the boy, but when police arrived, an officer recognized the teen “from previous calls for service” and noted he was “obviously agitated and did not speak to officers,” according to a report.

Police witnessed the teen “shouting that ‘his people’ were responsible for the recent mass shooting in Orlando.”

Police then ordered the teen to walk toward their vehicles, but he instead “intentionally [threw] large rocks, pine cones and other various items” at officers, according to a report. The teen also picked up pieces of a broken bottle and simulated cutting himself with them.

“The subject at this time posed an immediate threat to the public, and possibly himself,” an officer wrote in a report.

Officers ultimately used a Taser on the teen after he attempted to run away, according to a report.

Brevard County Fire Rescue responded after the Taser deployment, but found the teen was clear of “further injuries.”

The teen was then taken into custody and sent for a mental health evaluation. His parents were notified.

Police reports indicate the teen has a diagnosed disorder that may have contributed to his actions.

The teen’s name was not released.

Don’t worry though, like the Muslim cop shooter near Philly, the Muslim bomb threat video at LAX, and the Muslim attackers claiming ISIS affiliation in Philly, this will go unreported by most media.

5 thoughts on “Florida: “Allah akbar” shouting teen threatens to ‘blow up’ woman, touts ‘his people’ responsible for Orlando

  1. shared to my public FB page with my added comment:

    BLM idiots are finding out more and more when they block traffic they are apt to get run over…. FL has a lot of old drivers…. shame – I mean a wonder – he was not run over….

  2. Demon possessed and demented–they’re both the same thing to ALL practicing MUZZLUMZ! It’s all about following the “most perfect” example of muzzlum ‘manhood’! Question is…what websites is he following and where is he attending mosque??? –’cause somebody is messin’ with his mind!!! The doofus just ain’t smart enough to figure this all out, all by himself! This kind of total insanity requires some real help from a real PRO!!!

  3. Japan will survive as a nation long after Obama and the current RINO’s in Congress have destroyed the nation they were given. The recognition of Islam as a cancer is key to nation’s survival.

  4. @CS. When I first started posting comments on the CS blogsite, I used a blog identity of ‘da…….1’. Unfortunately, my blog name was hijacked and someone else posted a questionable comment using my identity. At that time, I asked CS not to post any more comments under the identity of ‘da…….1’. However, since that time I’ve discovered that NONE of my comments are posted thru the WordPress. com media., even when I use a different blog name, such as the one I’m using right now. I click on the ‘Post Comment’ button but nothing is posted! I’d like very much if your staff at CS could look into this for me. I believe there must be some kind of a block that rejects all comments coming from this IP address. If so, could you possibly undo that block for me??? I am no longer posting under the ‘da…….1’ identity and I feel like I have to jump thru hoops every time I attempt to post a comment using my Xfinity acct. Thank you very much. rgm, i.e., ‘wellborn’.

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