Japanese court rules surveillance of Muslims a “necessary” counter-terrorism tactic

Source: Japan: It’s ‘Necessary’ To Surveil Muslims To Stop Terrorism | The Daily Caller

Muslims in Japan lost a lawsuit over the government’s surveillance of them in May, with the court saying it’s a “necessary” counter-terrorism tactic.

Japanese police have monitored places of worship, halal restaurants and Muslim organizations for years in what they label a counter-terrorism measure. A 2010 leak of 114 Japanese police files quickly spread across the world with 10,000 downloads in 20 countries. The files contained personal information of 72,000 Muslims in several countries, showing just how widespread the surveillance is.

A group of 17 Muslims living in Japan sued the government for infringing on their constitutional rights. The Muslims eventually received close to $900,000 in compensation, but the country’s Supreme Court still finds the profiling and surveillance tactics “necessary and inevitable” to prevent terrorism.

“We were told we don’t have a constitutional case,” said Junko Hayashi, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, according to Al Jazeera. “We’re still trying to figure out, how is it not constitutional?”

The court case didn’t make much noise in Japan — the debate instead focused on how the leak will hurt counter-terrorism efforts in the future.

About 70,000 Muslims live in Japan. The vast majority, 90 percent, are foreigners.

As told the U.S. Senate this week: If We Don’t Address Sharia, This War Won’t End

Japan has limited the sharia by limiting the sharia practitioners and hopes to limit the death and destruction that comes with them.

10 thoughts on “Japanese court rules surveillance of Muslims a “necessary” counter-terrorism tactic

  1. And Japan took whooping 29 Syrian refugees. Still more than zero in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is just too poor to afford it, apparently. They give money just about everybody to get rid of them and send them to other countries, usually in the form of bribes to politicians like, for example, 20% of funds for Hillary’s campaign.

  2. The Japanese are apparently smarter and wiser than the US congress. They know how to read the writing on the wall. This written by a fellow patriot tells it all.: This country elects a Muslim president. Where is the separation between church and state with the Muslim cult???? This country has been eroded all the way to the garbage can. We need to get Trump to office. And we must make him keep his word. Here is the solution to Islamic jihad:
    Declare war on jihad. ( so war powers can be used ) Get multiple countries to sign a treaty. The treaty agreement is that whenever there is an Islamic attack in any of these countries, each country will destroy a random mosque within their borders. With each attack the number of mosques to be destroyed doubles. “Retaliation” events would also count as attacks.
    You get the idea. After 5 attacks that would be 16 mosques To be destroyed in each country. Such a treaty would stop attacks or destroy all mosques. The law should also provide for the deportation of family members of terrorists ( from grand parents to grand children and all uncles and aunties and cousins in between ) And also permanent future banning of ANY entry into country by terrorist’s family as described above. If they are here, kick them out, if they are not here, never allow them to enter.
    With this, any would be terrorist would know his family would be deported, and those not in USA would never be allowed to enter.
    Great thoughts, great mind.

    • and no Muslims allowed in any level of govt. or school etc. we need to actually learn from people like the Japanese and what they are doing to keep Muslims to a minimum. because like camels you let a few in then here they all come trying to kill you and overthrow your govt. and committing all kinds of crimes. Obama has declared war on the American people by his actions. There is no other ”religion” even false ones in the world that cold bloodily kills like the Muslims do. And they think they are doing God a service when one of the top commandments is ”thou shall not kill” it is exactly why when they come before the one true God they will be cast into everlasting darkness. They are not compatible with our laws nor our way of life. Every person that truly cares for their safety and their families should get a gun/guns to practice with and not be afraid to use it in defense of themselves and their families. asap.

      • Muslims don’t kill in cold blood, far from it. They are all excited because they become saint by killing Christian or atheist and go straight to paradise. Quran say: Unbelievers are the lowest of creation, lower than animals and Allah hates them. In at least 24 verses is direct order to kill people.

        • The Quran and the Muslim cult are not good enough to wipe the buts of pigs. Mohammad and his followers are like the pied pipers mice. Let the pig blood flow through all the streets and fill the mosques of America. Trump will keep his word. God bless America

    • KeithM, I cannot agree with you more. For some reason there is no concern in congress about this matter. It’s like the light is on but no-one is home!! We can be sure there is nothing in the news media about this. God I can’t wait for Trump to get in office. I pray to god he keeps his word.

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